Last night we enjoyed an evening with the Sherwoods, the Murphys, and the Grellers. A 45-minute drive to Mt. Angel dropped us into an altogether different small-town culture from what we enjoy in Newberg. We went to attend a dinner/concert event that featured Hahnheim Mannersgesangverien from Germany. Six hundred or so fulka gathered in the Oktoberfest Community Building, which had a character all its own, for a meal of German sausage and kraut.


(Still trying to get the hang of the “arm tripod,” as I eliminate most of Carol and Mauri altogether.)


And then the concert. Between Mauri’s one semester of German and my half-strength German blood, we felt right at home listening to this group of mostly old codgers belt out their joyful tunes. If you want to hear and see a snippet of the concert (and see all of Carol’s smiling face)…

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  1. Di Murphy says:

    Great pictures, Great fun, Neat friends!

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