We started the day’s celebration thinking up mushy Facebook updates. Mauri thought “To the little woman: For sixteen years of washing my socks—Thanks!” would work. Then his breakfast looked like this—


and we thought that was pretty romantic.


I had to wear my heart shirt to work. And Rachel snapped this picture to compare to the one from sixteen years ago.


I agree! We haven’t changed much at all! (hahaha)

Just Mauried.jpg

No review of our wedding day would be complete without remembering this fun discovery. Just Mauried!

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4 Responses to sixteen

  1. Janet Marie says:

    Happy 16th…I remember I threw my back out that morning, but got an adjustment and would have crawled to your wedding. So happy, you’re so happy!
    Love and prayers, Janet

  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    Happy Anniversary! You are a marvelous combo!

  3. Peggy Hanson says:


  4. Mary Austin says:

    Love the pictures!! You guys are so “sweet”. Really cool bagel. 🙂
    Hope you had a great celebration day.

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