5 kids

A friend titled her blog “Five Kids Is a Lot of Kids,” and I can vouch for this now that I’ve had some personal experience to back it up. It wasn’t at all bad; after all, Quinn left me with four pages of helpful notes about who needed to be where when. I think logistics is the hardest part. But even with all the comings and goings in our days, we still had time to play.

On previous visits, I’ve discovered it works well to let each of my “charges” choose something he/she wants to do while the parents are away.



It appears Cassidy inherited the family “list maker” trait.


One favorite is “treasure hunt.” Each kid shops for another sibling, then they take turns hiding and finding their treasures.


Paul’s choice of Slip ‘n’ Slide got nixed (because it ruins the grass) so he changed to scooters. It was pretty cool to see the kids cooperate with the others’ choices, even though they’d probably rather do something else.


Taylor came over after work one night to hang out with us. So I opened up Photo Booth and they all went a little crazy:

Photo 14.jpg

Photo 15.jpg

Photo 161.jpg

Photo 18.jpg

Photo 20.jpg

Photo 6.jpg

Photo 24.jpg


Every morning Bailey got up early to ride his bike to church, where he was a counselor at Super Kids Sports Kamp (SKSK). And every evening he had either baseball practice or a game.




To balance out all that play, we did some work.


It appears these girls have had some military training. You could bounce a quarter on these beds.


The littles folded and put away their clean clothes.


Before we knew it, the mom was back from Hawai’i, all tan and refreshed.


And I headed back home to beautiful, sunny (not) Oregon.


You don’t need super powers to tell where the state line is from up here.

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  1. Kathy hamson says:


  2. Jo Helsabeck says:

    I enjoyed the photo journal,Sherry. Keeping up with your journeys to the “grands” is so much fun!

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