on the go

We had a fun, full, people afternoon. And my shutter finger was busy recording it.

Lunch at McMenamins in McMinnville. We ate at the bar. The food wasn’t to die for, but the company was pleasant.

On to a graduation open house. Mauri has known Jordan since before he was born (is that possible?)

And I’ve known him long enough to have taken this picture of him.

At home again, Rachel called from Philly to Happy Fathers Day her dad. Darcy was a little curious about the voice coming from that little black box.

A little while later John showed up with an early birthday present for his pop. It’s a Kubb game that he made.

They took it to the side yard to play.

Have you ever heard of it? Ever played it? John was a really good teacher, if you catch my meaning.

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1 Response to on the go

  1. Amy says:

    My dad and I made Nate a black walnut set a couple of years ago for Father’s Day. Fun, huh?

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