Didn’t I just say I was done talking about what I eat? Yea, well, Aj posted a comment that assured me my community is interested in what I eat. Go figure. I guess that’s all the permission I needed to jump right back in to food topic.

During my six-month hiatus from normal food, I thought about pizza quite a bit. So I knew that come June 1 I’d be indulging myself. I tried to think of someplace in town that uses “real” crust, but none came to mind. What to do? What to do?

The light finally dawned when I remembered that right next to the freezer in the oft-used utility room we keep this:

Well, this is what I see. But underneath that cover is this:

A grain mill! “Old school,” according to Mauri. We bought this years ago at a Bay City flea market. And we learned that if you keep whole-grain wheat in a container with nitrogen, it will stay fresh indefinitely.

And then I remembered that right next to the microwave in our cookin’ room, we have one of these:

A bread machine! What a combo! I quickly enlisted Mauri’s help, since he’s the mill master and the bread-machine master in the family. He found a recipe for whole-wheat pizza dough and went right to work. Didn’t I just say (in a recent post) how ready he is to join my adventures?

Freshly milled wheat. Maybe enough left for tomorrow’s pancake batter.

So by the time he returned from brass rehearsal, the dough was ready!

Hands oiled and ready.

His/hers halves: mine with turkey pepperoni, his with hard-core sausage. Olives for him, mushrooms for both. Ready for the oven.

We weren’t sure how to check the doneness but managed to guess it right.

But let me tell you, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, savoring every bite. Color me satisfied.

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5 Responses to pizza

  1. Janet Marie says:

    A work of ART! Coming from a Chicago-pizza girl! : )

  2. Lisa N. says:

    You sure know how to do it right! Looks like it was well worth the wait.

  3. Craig MacDonald says:

    You have WAY too much patience. God gave us Pizza Hut for a reason. I’m sure it was delicious in every way, but when a pizza craving hits any delay can be life threatening. (Think: slarkey!)

  4. Ridge says:

    Fabulous, dahling, fabulous! Wish I had a mill! I can make it in my bread machine with store bought whole wheat flour, but yours looks better. I’m so glad your eating plan has helped the cough. I’ve been eating a heart healthy diet for about 5 years now and I’m amazed at the bennies….enviable blood pressure being one of the main ones! Hang in there.

  5. Cherice says:

    congratulations on reaching your 6 month goal!!! i don’t mind hearing about your food either–you always make it fun to read (and view). that pizza looks amazing!

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