our moms

I’ve read a lot, a lot, of status updates on Facebook today, most expressing the same sentiment— “My mom is the best mom in the whole world.” I understand this, since mine is/was. Of course the name “mom” is relative. Some of our mothers gave birth to us but gave us up for adoption to be raised by another mom. In blended families, children can have several mothers. So far, I’ve had four official moms, but I could name several more who played a mom role at some point in my life. Today is a day to honor all of them.

Last evening we got to celebrate our Macy mom—Margi, Howard, Hazel, Mauri. I was behind the camera and Dad was across the table. His health remains good, but his Alzheimer’s Disease makes him less and less able to take care of his own daily needs.

Our other mom, Edna, came for dinner after church. She wore a corsage that her birth daughter, Margaret-Rose, gave her back in the ’80s. She wears it every Mothers Day in memory of the daughter she didn’t get to keep. And we served “taco pie,” one of the hand-written recipes I found among Margaret-Rose’s cookbooks. So without knowing it, M-R was able to honor her mom along with us.

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1 Response to our moms

  1. Rachel says:

    We also ate taco pie on Mother’s Day! Lovely pics, Sherry!

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