All this time I thought an atlas was what you pulled off the shelf to see where some unknown country is.

But today, in my ongoing quest for relief from sciatica-related issues, I visited a chiropractor (third appointment, since x-rays are required) and learned about atlas adjustments. If I were a little smarter, I would have read this before my appointment. I’ve already used the services of this clinic a couple of times to see naturapath Tim Hyatt, who has begun prolotherapy treatments.

That’s a lot of links, but I thought I’d save you the searching, if you’re curious.

Meet Russell Kort. He cooperated readily with my request for this pic. Even called his assistant to take this:

I don’t have enough sense to be nervous, so I just let him do what he does. The principle is to adjust my atlas so that eventually—eventually—with additional treatments to my troubled back, I’ll straighten up, eliminating the pain that prevents me from standing/walking longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Really! I’m that pathetic.

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4 Responses to atlas

  1. Ridge says:

    I’m sure I saw this form of torture used in a recent “NCIS” segment!

  2. Rachel says:

    Not “pathetic” — fearless! You don’t even look nervous.

    I hope it helps!

  3. Leane says:

    Keep us updated on the effectiveness of this treatment. Bart struggles with pain as you know.

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