Today we “celebrated” the fourth anniversary of our bike crash by going to acupuncture together. I mentioned earlier that I’ve been going to the senior center weekly for treatments, still working toward recovery, but today we both went. Before I show you pictures, I want you to know that acupuncture does not hurt. We sometimes feel a sensation, but that’s the desired effect. And the sensation quickly subsides. Honestly.

Here’s Matt (Matthew Frey, Chehalem Acupuncture) going to work on me.

I promise, it doesn’t hurt.

Really! You can see that my left ankle never went back to its original size.

Mauri’s turn.

Our duo treatment today took me back a few (16) years to the day we got needled another way.

A couple of months after we decided to get married, we got tattoos that we figured would eventually be covered with simple wedding bands. We carefully chose a cosmetic tattoo shop, wanting to avoid infection. This lovely Vietnamese woman wanted to make sure we understood what we were doing, advising us what we were about to do would be “pumament. Thuty dolla put it on, five hunna dolla take it off.”

I won’t try to convince you that this didn’t hurt. But once she got going, it wasn’t so bad. We didn’t plan very well, because very next on our do list was to shop for wedding bands.

A day later we posed for the picture we’d use on our wedding invitation.

After a year we got tired of people asking about the matching sores on our fingers and headed back to have our heart tattoos outlined in black.

We’ll probably keep celebrating anniversaries—the good ones and the bad ones—but maybe we’ll find ways that don’t involve needles.

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3 Responses to needled

  1. hb says:

    Sherry your talk about acupuncture has made me think that naturopathy/acupuncture might be the best path for me in some areas…your pictures are often appreciated for throwing light on things I don’t know much about but am a little curious…

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    Smiling at the continuing joy for Macy couple.

  3. LizW says:

    I love your tattoos and was just telling coworkers about them over lunch… so romantic! 🙂

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