mother nature

I don’t have a single picture to go with this post, so I hope my words will capture your interest long enough to click the link at the end.

Every Thursday morning I go to the local senior center because a Newberg acupuncturist offers his services to us oldies for $10 a session. I’ve grown accustomed to the routine now that I’ve been quite a few times. Being introverted, my response the first time I walked into a room circled with needled strangers was an impulse to back my way out. If I hadn’t paid first, I might have. But I swallowed, plopped myself on a vacant chair in the circle, removed my shoes/socks, and rolled up my pant legs like the others.

It’s better now. In fact, in such a captive-audience setting it’s easy to get to know folks. Not that I talk a lot. I listen, mostly to Stan and Barbara exchange stories from their past. The rest of us are welcome to add our two cents to whatever they’re talking about, but it’s much more interesting to listen. Barbara couldn’t think of the word Neanderthal, but with a description someone helped her. She wanted to ask Stan if he believes we came up out of the water or if we evolved from monkeys. They discussed, and, while they bantered with these two options, neither brought up the possibility that God had created the earth and us. Ultimately, they decided they didn’t know.

~ ~ ~ ~

Mauri and I have enjoyed watching Life on the Discovery Channel. It’s a worship experience, in truth. I don’t know how anyone can watch this series or any nature show for that matter and not believe in creator God. But we noticed right away that the writers and narrator Oprah Winfrey work really hard to avoid any reference to creation or God’s activity as they describe, for example, the unfathomable migration patterns of the monarch butterfly. They’d rather give “Mother Nature” all the credit.

~ ~ ~ ~

I read Donald Miller’s (writer of Blue Like Jazz and others) blog post on this very topic and couldn’t help linking it for you to read. Click HERE.

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