when the cat’s away

For several years now, since its invention, Mauri and I kiddingly add “flat-screen TV” to our Costco shopping list. Once the big moment arrived to actually make the purchase, half of Newberg showed up at Costco to witness our extravagance.

Somehow our listmaking continued to include “F-STV”—for old-time’s sake. Last weekend, while I was at the coast for women’s retreat, Mauri sent me a “telling” picture:

Well, what’da’ya’ know?

Actually, we had decided together, so the F-STV wasn’t a surprise. However, I did make surprised note of yet another dog bed on the cart. See it? Let’s see, this makes #6. No dog of ours will sleep on crummy old carpet. No, no.

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3 Responses to when the cat’s away

  1. Ridge says:

    WOW, and we thought we were extravagant with our little 26″ one! 🙂

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    I told Pam before she left for work this morning that I was headed to Costco to pick up some things. Did she have anything I should put on the list?
    I would NEVER have thought of this tactic! Thank you for the help!

  3. LizW says:

    I’m jealous of the chair mat thingy… I really need a new one of those! 🙂

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