All birthdays are exciting and worthy of celebration. But a first birthday is extra exciting, don’tcha think? Grandson Oscar turned one today and ate the very first cupcake of his life. His parents had a birthday brunch planned, not only to celebrate Oscar’s first year but also to thank all the friends who have supported them through it. Twenty-eight inches of snow in Philadelphia caused a postponement, but they know a week won’t make that much difference in the grand scheme of things. And Oscar managed to find his own entertainment.

You might remember the Old Maid cards I made for the Anderson girls. Oscar needed a set too. Here’re the before/after pics.

Granted, age one is a little young for the game, but he can still be reminded of all the people who make up his family, who love him from the top of his soft blond head to the bottom of his sweet kissable feet.

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  1. Julene says:

    He looks like he gets the game!! Happy First Birthday, Oscar!!

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