post-christmas celebration

Here it is New Years Eve and I’m sitting in my “spot” three feet away from my dear man, with the TV broadcasting the Times Square extravaganza. I flew in from Denver earlier today following a three-day post-Christmas celebration with the Anderson family plus one Carlson—Taylor. Ben planned to come but had car trouble and didn’t catch his flight out of Chicago.

The night before I left, little Oscar got very sick with stomach flu, and over the next days the rest of the family followed suit, except for Linsey and me. I was thankful to not carry anything to the Denver family. Eventually, Oscar ended up at Urgent Care for IV treatment for dehydration (very sad), but he’s better now and, I think, back at home in Philadelphia (we haven’t heard).

When Mauri and I host the family at our house, I don’t take many pictures. But at Quinn’s I just sit back and play with the kids and let her do all the thinking/planning, which gives my shutter habit plenty of space to work. So here’s a little photo journal of the past few days.

Taylor’s Christmas present to the kids was pizza and an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese’s.

A rare photo that includes all five kids…plus the mama.

Paul made quick work of the sucker he bought with his Chuck E Cheese tickets.

The fashion model and her bodyguards… If you look closely, you’ll see that the model is missing a tooth.

Of course we had to play several games of Old Maid using the new family cards.

This pic might not need a caption.

“Take picture, Gus!” Addison made all of these lovely pieces with a mosaic kit she got from her parents.

Some quality “dad” time.

With Marissa’s birthday so close (Saturday), we had the perfect excuse to head to the bead store to make some jewelry.

And then show off the creations to Mom.

Learning their favorite celebration restaurant, Trail Dust Steakhouse, is closed indefinitely, they decided to try Casa Bonita. Let’s just say this will not be their favorite. But it was fun to learn that this restaurant has Macy history. Mauri and Margaret-Rose ate there the night before Pete was born. She woke up the next morning with what she interpreted as gastric distress from the Mexican food, and a little while later Pete arrived.

Sorry, but I just had to include this picture I took of the ceiling above our tables.

We kept hoping Uncle Ben would make it to the party, but last night we filled each other’s stockings and enjoyed our post-Christmas sharing.

Our maturing teenager patiently waits for the go-ahead to start opening.

Such exuberance over a set of pipe cleaners! Gotta love it.

Just a little proof that I was there too. That’s my boy, T.

And then this morning, all five, four in bare feet, gave their Gus the traditional white-hanky farewell.

I had to fill up my eyes because no visit either way is scheduled until June.

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2 Responses to post-christmas celebration

  1. Hope Dobias says:

    Love ’em all, Gus! Thank you for sharing your habit (talent!) with us. You’ve made me realize even more my need for an Addison hug.

    Happiest of New Years to you.

  2. Cheryl says:

    What a great visit. I loved your pictures. It shows in your pictures how much you love them.

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