Today our oldest grandson crosses over the invisible line into his teenage years. While we want to give Bailey plenty of room to be typical, we don’t anticipate anything tumultuous. If I were to list all his attributes, you would accuse me of exaggeration or chalk it up to grandmotherly pride. While the latter would surely be true, I assure you it would not be exaggeration. He’s that extraordinary, and we are blessed to have him in our family.

Bailey loves sports—playing them and watching them. So just for fun I share this photoessay of our wonderboy. Um, make that wonderteen.

Dusty took Bailey to his first Duke game in Durham, NC. This is only one of several team players who posed with B.

How he spent his birthday money

Of course the dog, “Duke,” needed a Duke-colors football.

The Denver Nike 5K, an annual family effort

Getting some post-game tips from Dad.

Bailey receives the “Be Like Christ” award at Camp Timberline, a sports camp up in the Colorado Rockies. The award was given to him by the camp staff for being the one boy in the whole camp they thought was most Christlike.

Look who’s manager for the Valor Christian High School team!

Chosen for this special honor by the Colorado Rockies

Diehard Duke fans Bailey and (this time) Quinn flew to North Carolina to take in another game.

Bailey entertains himself at his sister’s soccer practice.

Bailey and Dusty (and Quinn) run a half marathon to benefit the ministry Babies of Juarez.

World Series champ!

Frisbee circle at Memorial Park

Sports aside, Bailey’s one terrific big brother.

His parents would say he’s one terrific son. And Mauri and I think he’s one terrific grandson!

Happy 13th birthday, Bailey B. We love you!

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3 Responses to teenager

  1. Joanna says:

    Yay, Bailey!

  2. Q. says:

    Gulp. Thank you, dear mom, for this wonderful tribute to B’s first 13 years. The boy’s a keeper…and then some…

  3. Jenny Lathrop says:

    That is the sweetest thing! I’m all choked up just reading this! We Kolby’s would certainly agree that Bailey is one terrific kid!

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