You can’t blame me for being proud of Mauri’s musical gifts, which he has spent a lifetime developing, honing, and using. Maybe I should say thankful instead of proud, since I have no basis for pride in something I had nothing to do with. I need to be careful here not to cross over into bragging, since that isn’t becoming to such a young lady of refinement. (ahem) But if  your husband had his name on millions and millions of tapes and CDs worldwide, wouldn’t you think that deserved a little horn blowing?

Wee Sing’s website demonstrates the same fun produced in all of the 40 or so projects Mauri and Barry Hagen. (Read the Wee Sing history here.) We got to hang out at a wedding recently with the Wee Sing authors and illustrator (I’m still trying to forgive myself for missing the extraordinary photo op). We haven’t done a project in a while, and we miss it. (I say “we” because I’m the music engraver, the one who makes the music printable.)

But back to Mauri’s music. Here are a couple of his songs I thought you might enjoy. [to clarify, these are not Wee Sing songs; Mauri wrote them and sings them]

A New Day

You Are There


I’d Rather Be Me

Six Children Died

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6 Responses to proud

  1. Joanna says:

    I helped out with Awana on Wednesday night at church, and we played a Wee Sing tape. 🙂 I was trying to be modest and not brag that I knew Mauri, but then one of the other teachers made the mistake of gushing about how much she loves Wee Sing. “This is the good stuff I used to listen to with my kids.” Needless to say my vow of silence was forgotten and I got to be one of Those People who knows Someone Famous. ;D

    P.s. Fellow teacher sends happy thoughts and memories of Wee SIng-ing with her kiddies.

  2. Joanna says:

    P.p.s. Only had time to listen to I’d Rather Be Me — and I love it.

  3. hb says:

    Aw, how cool, we have a Wee Sing CD from the library sitting on Addy’s dresser. We feel thankful too to have Mauri’s musical talent to enrich our worship every week. You two are one of the sweetest couples I know of. ok enough gushing. :o)

  4. Dave and Millie says:

    We enjoy reading your posts and now we get to hear the music – great stuff. we are thankful that we have had to opportunity to know both of you for so many years.

  5. Jessi says:

    What a lovely post Sherry…I took a little listen and was reminded of so many days when I was younger at the Firs. Mauri has such a lovely voice and when I hear it, it reminds me of my childhood, growing up at the First, and getting to understand pieces of why my Dad loves the Lord so much. So thank you to Mauri for sharing his gift, his voice and talent has meant a lot to my Father, and thank you to you for sharing it here so I can enjoy it again. I was in Bellingham this weekend and we just happened to sing a hymn that Mauri sang all the time and I couldn’t help but catch a small whiff of hot chocolate and coffee brewing in the back and that fabulous wood smell of the lecture hall at the Firs!

  6. Leane Chaffee says:

    A couple of weeks ago there was music playing in our 4’s and 5’s S.S. class when we arrived. You probably guessed. It was one of the Wee Sings CD’s from Early Bird Studios. Thanks for joining us in Sunday School!!

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