family dinner

Today was our first family dinner of the new season. I’ve missed these gatherings during our summer hiatus, though there’s something to be said for taking a break. Everyone brings a food assignment (so we balance) and a one-minute show-n-tell. We never know what we’re gonna get. Today, after Wendy shared that over the summer her 15-year-old cat died and then showed pictures of the two cats she and Craig got shortly thereafter, Daryl and Stacey—well, look.

Like I say, we never know what we’re gonna get. Daryl’s nickname is DK, and we were set up to believe that DK was going to balance on Stacey’s feet. Turns out DK stands for Dead Kitty.

Here is DK (Daryl Kenneth) dying of embarrassment at the timing of their turn.

Yes, it’s a real cat. Used to be a real cat, thankfully. Looks like kitty gets to go home with Mom Edna.

[The Red Plate is for you, Rachel. Happy birthday! Sorry you’re so far away.]

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2 Responses to family dinner

  1. Rachel says:

    I appreciate the sweet thought–and other birthday wishes and fun you’ve sent my way. It’s been a BUSY week, but I’m hoping to catch up with you soon. Maybe this weekend?

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