Long ago a friend/mentor gave us a list of twelve public relations principles. They came up in a recent conversation, and I’ve been trying to remember…here’s what I’ve got – only eight and not necessarily in order:

– have a “you” attitude
– always let the other person save face
– don’t nit-pick about details
– tailor your speech to fit the situation
– use questions rather than dogmatic statements
– allow others the “inside look”
– give a reading of your responses
– allow others to “give their gift”

So do you have any to add…to finish out the list? One that comes to mind (not from the original list) is from long ago friend peterGibbons – never, never…never criticize.

I’ll keep working on it, or maybe try to find an archived copy of the original…and read with interest any of yours.

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  1. Heather says:

    oh this is lovely. worthy of stealing. i have much to learn! i might add, or maybe it is already there, the importance of showing up. At other times, listening, just listening. it is so hard sometimes when we have our own busy thoughts crowding in our heads. thankyou for this.

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