pin cushion

These two images represent my afternoon. First I went to the public health department and received yellow fever, HepA, and polio vaccinations. (Typhoid vaccine comes in pill form.) I need to be ready for the day that’s getting closer and closer, when Quinn will call and say: “It’s time! We’re going to Ethiopia to get our kids!” 

A block from the public health department is the Healing Arts Center, where about every three weeks I go for an acupuncture treatment for my ankle and sciatic nerve issues. These treatments have returned my life to me. It’s been that dramatic!

So I don’t mind feeling like a pin cushion. It’s all for a good cause.

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1 Response to pin cushion

  1. Ridge says:

    A whole new twist to the phrase “pins and needles”! So glad to hear the acupuncture is working!

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