sick days

Half way though Monday I came home, sick. Not deathly sick, but definitely puny. (I love that word from my years of living in the South.) I felt like reclining, wrapped in a blanket, and nothing else. Yesterday I was better but still felt bad enough to justify taking another sick day, even though it meant I’d miss our weekly team meeting and a special luncheon.

Today was more of a bonus day. I’m still sick, but I sound more sick than I feel. Since I can work from home I figured it wouldn’t hurt to lie low another day. So I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of oatmeal/brown sugar/raisins/milk, initiating one of my two Quaker Oats bowls discovered at Goodwill. I imagine the person who designed these bowls thought we might eat more oatmeal if the bowls were oversized, but his (or her) marketing scheme didn’t work on me. At least today.


Being infirm has its advantages, but even I have a limit to how many movies I can watch. I still LOL at this scene in “First Wives Club” though.


Okay, enough larrie farrie. It’s time to get back to real life.

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5 Responses to sick days

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Larrie farrie???

  2. Sherry says:

    Larrie farrie was my dad’s expression for small talk. He didn’t see much purpose in it. I only heard him say it; I never saw it written down, so have spent some energy trying to figure that out. It isn’t larry fairy but lahree fahree. How would you spell it?

  3. Taylor Carlson says:

    Being sick is no excuse for a typo. “Half way though Monday I came home”. I thought I taught you better than that. I’m glad your feeling better. T.

  4. Sherry says:

    Oh, my…good catch! Thing is, I can log into my admin page and correct that typo. What will you do with: “I’m glad your feeling better”? I thought I taught you better than that. =)

  5. Luke Ankeny says:

    Sherry, I’m pretty sure those bowls came from our house!!!! Luke got them in as a sort of gag gifts several years ago (I think that is where they came from). Because they were SO HUGE, we never really used them. As we were packing for the big move last summer, we put them in the “Goodwill box”.
    So funny!
    I’m glad they ended up in the hands of someone who can appreciate them. 😉


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