oscar night

The very day I felt the need for a side view of Rachel, one month from delivering our grandson Oscar, she posted this on Facebook. 


She’s wondered lately if her kid might have more than two legs. Sounds like he’s a busy little guy.

We were invited to yesterday’s baby shower for John and Rachel. We declined, but only because it was in Pennsylvania. The invitation came from Rachel’s longtime friend Debbie (Sartwell) Rajhansa. The two were friends here in Oregon and ended up in Philly together. 


I didn’t get to attend, but Debbie, bless her heart, sent me a bunch of pictures this morning and gave her permission for me to post them. Pictures are the next best thing to being there, right? So here’s a glimpse for you too.


Oscar needs a middle name. I don’t s’pose anyone came up with my suggestion: Nolham (Mahlon backward).


Design a onesie for Oscar.


Lots of friends, lots of presents. Debbie’s e-mailed words blessed my heart: “It’s amazing how in just a few short years they have built up this community around them. It’s the best thing about Philadelphia. You’ll be amazed when you visit the number of people (and variety) who love Rachel and John.”


Showered with gifts to give Oscar a good start.


Thank you!


Party favors for all the guests: yummy tea and chocolate.


And of course, the excited parents to be. 

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1 Response to oscar night

  1. Ridge says:

    What a treat to see Rachel “all grown up”! I remember meeing her for the first time at The Firs…seems like eons ago!

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