On or near every Mothers Day, Quinn and I exchange Mothers Day stockings. We started this tradition when it became apparent the two of us had no boundaries regarding our Christmas stocking shopping for each other. This excessive behavior holds roots dating back to her family of origin, the evidence captured on video and now archived on DVD for all time. As life brought changes for both of us we thought we had subdued our gift-giving tendencies. But, no.

You probably wonder about the fairness factor; after all, I have nine other children, all told, who know about Quinn’s and my special “arrangement.” Last May, as I dined at a Denver Red Lobster with the Anderson family and Taylor (youngest of the Carlson siblings), Quinn and I expressed our eagerness to exchange Mothers Day stockings as part of our weekend attending a Beth Moore conference in Colorado Springs. When Taylor feigned disgruntled wonderment about the inequality it represents, I simply reminded him that it was a stocking exchange and that I would gladly exchange Mothers Day stockings with him too. Oh. Right.

The next day Q and I tried not to be too conspicuous as we hauled our king-size pillowcase “stockings” into the hotel lobby. Since they outweighed our overnight bags, that was not easily accomplished.

She carried the biggest one, since she way outdid herself in shopping for me this year. Here are a few highlights:

My not-so-subtle way of sneaking in a picture of our grands.

But the very best present of all was this pair of Merrells you see on my feet, which is where they have been every day of my life since, while the other shoes in my closet gather dust. I have never worn more comfortable shoes, and my walking has vastly improved because of them (and continued PT from Kathy). Late at night, when my neglected shoes think I’m asleep, I hear their murmurs, “What’s up with Sherry?” I’ll try to be gentle as I inform them they are being made redundant (the Brits’ word for being laid off). As budget allows, they’ll gradually be replaced by this and this and this and maybe another pair of these for backup.

It’s a good thing Quinn and I don’t compete for who gives the best stuff, ’cause I could never top this.

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One Response to tradition

  1. Joy says:

    Ryan swears by Merrells, too! 🙂

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