“My mom says you can fix anything.” Cassidy gets right to the point on the topic of her worn and torn nite-nites. This is no small matter.

Today my friend Mike submitted an assigned essay for our church newsletter on the subject of comfort zones. He encourages us to find ways to stretch ours, but I’m not sure it applies to four-and-a-half-year-olds. Cassidy still likes the comfort of her four beloved nite-nites—two pink, two blue. As a baby she out and out rejected the idea of this yellow one.

She no longer depends on their comfort for the day-to-day, but when it’s time to chill out, she likes having them nearby.

So after her big hint that I might do something about her nite-nites, I asked if she thought she could get by with two while I took the other two home to fix on my machine. She didn’t hesitate, but we decided we’d wait for Mom’s okay before moving ahead with that plan.

As I packed for my Sunday-night flight, she seemed nonchalant as I reduced her comfort supply by half. Early Monday morning she and her mom left for Guatemala, so I don’t know how she’s faring. I hope to have these back in her possession by the time she returns.



My comfort is a mug of hot chocolate. What’s yours?

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2 Responses to comfort

  1. Ridge says:

    A good book, a cup of tea and some mellow jazz in the background!

    Where did they find these nite-nites? I bet it’s the “silky” material that she likes. Jess had two blankies with “silky” binding that she would weave through her fingers…that was her comfort thing. When the binding started to go, I had to find/buy/sew on new binding since the newer blankies didn’t have the nice “silky” binding, just plain old cotton.

  2. Jamie says:

    Sitting in my recliner with my dog laying at my feet. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is just to look down and see that big, faithful friend that thinks I’m #1.
    Michael has one of those nite-nites–actually the silky blanket/stuffed bear combo. It’s his “bee-be” and he prefers to sleep with it snuggled under his left arm.

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