full of hot air

Look what we did today, one of us in the air and one of us on the ground. Actually, the “we” includes three others—our friends Deborah, Donna, and Steve. The weather was perfect for a balloon ride and we got to go up to 3,200 feet, twice the usual ride height. It was spectacular and I tried to take it all in while the moment lasted. At one point we could see the peaks of Three Sisters, Jefferson, Hood, Adams, St. Helens, and Rainier peeking over the top of a cloud bank. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I get to see every day.
Here are some of my favorite pictures:

The local Macy “kids” gave me a birthday card last month that wished me a year of clear skies plus a little adventure. Their wish for me came true today. And after we returned to earth and e-mail, I received this link from Deborah, fellow passenger. Timing is everything.

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3 Responses to full of hot air

  1. LizW says:

    Oh my gosh! I saw bits of that report on the TV this morning and thought of Steve and Donna! I ran to the Web for more details and saw that it was in Canada. So sorry for those folks, but sure glad it wasn’t you guys!!! 🙂

  2. LizW says:

    PS – your photos are great! I’m glad you had such a good view

  3. Michelle says:

    Those are some great pictures. I am so glad you’re all safe.

    The balloon fire in Canada was a great tragedy. From fun and excitement to horror… I cannot imagine.

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