st. patty’s day

Three of our grandkids are half Irish, so it’s only natural their other grandparents think green every March 17. I was part of the celebration a few years ago, eating corned beef and cabbage and wearing green. But normally St. Patrick’s Day is just another day; I don’t even dress to avoid pinches anymore. But something changed when I looked through Facebook and found these.


Happy St. Patty’s Day to me! Now really. Could I resist sharing these Irish charmers?


Avery on the left, Emery on the right.



Here they are with their equally half-Irish cousins.

2018-03-16 16.12.19

While I’m sharing grandkids, find Cassidy in this portion of a photo. She’s been in Juarez this week with her mama (mostly hidden in the pic) on back-to-back builds—one with their church, one with her school. If she didn’t make straight A’s, I’d wonder how she can miss so much school with all her travels. If you can believe this, their family is flying to London tonight for a little European adventure that will include time with Bailey, who is spending the semester in Spain.

2018-03-16 06.43.19

And here are Lincoln and Will, enjoying the beauty of Maui, Hawaii. Linsey’s dad just retired so the Macys family joined her folks for a celebration. Not that they’ve ever needed such an excuse to spend time there together.

And if you wonder about Mauri’s surgery, it went very well. Dr. Rohrer knows his spines! Mauri spent the night at the hospital but was released the next morning to come home with me. We’re glad for the timing of March Madness so we can pass this recovery time watching our brackets and yelling at the TV.

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no people

Though I certainly don’t object to scenic photography, I’m more prone toward having people in my pictures. So this will be a departure from my norm.

This will show where I am at the moment. I’m using this post as a distraction while Mauri is having his back repaired. A “bilateral decompression,” it’s called, with a small complication of needing the removal of the metal from his fusion three years ago to reach the problem spot. The several-month wait for this day seemed long, but we look forward to normalcy to return after recovery. He’ll spend the night here and come home tomorrow, Lord willing.

This peopleless picture illustrates the two events we attended last weekend. Yes, people were there! One was written and produced by a friend and casted with local actors and musicians. The other starred our own Oscar Williams with his school’s 2nd- and 3rd-grade classes. Songs about science!

I snapped this picture to send to a local church that hosts a Divorce Recovery group. It illustrates one of my many at-work projects—finding new storage places for the contents of a resource room being repurposed as an office.

Speaking of the church, I saw this on Facebook and asked for the artist’s attribution. Still no answer but I’ll share it anyway. It begs the question: What were “they” thinking to add a modern entrance on such classic old church? I’m not the first person to ask.

In last Friday’s church newsletter I included an invitation to join me at the local Cameo to see this new release. Sixteen of us filled nearly two rows in the theater! (I brought some of the leftover popcorn with me this morning to nibble while I wait.) Most of us had disappointing responses to the movie, even those of us who were warned about Hollywood’s removal of all biblical references. But I think we unanimously concurred it was fun to watch together in that funky old theater.

Who can resist 99¢ honey crisp apples? Yes sir, yes sir!

I think I’m trying to prove to myself I actually can blog from my phone. Getting a little carried away now with pictures altogether too accessible. Can I stick with my original plan to use peopleless photos exclusively?

How well do you know me?

Can you blame me? You can blame it on John. He came over last night to check in with his pop pre-surgery. I’ll ask Mauri who won the chess game—after he wakes up.

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lunch with will

2018-03-07 07.39.57

Mmmmmm! PB&J! This is our work before I headed for the office this morning.

2018-03-07 07.43.04

It was Grand Day at Will’s school, and we were invited to share his lunch “hour” (actually 20 minutes).

2018-03-07 11.14.57

Not much gets past Will. He’s attentive and precise in his answers to our questions. “Do you usually sit at the same table for lunch?” “No, we can sit anywhere unless we have peanuts or nuts in our lunch. Then we sit at the last table on the other side.”

Ooops! Neither of us gave a single thought to the dangers of what we put in our Gus and Gum bags. Mauri packed pickles to share, but we learned that sharing food is not part of the school’s lunch protocol.

2018-03-07 11.28.52

Will’s hair style is intentional, not a bad case of bed head. Along with Grand Day it is Wacky Hair Day, in celebration of Dr. Seuss Week.


Mauri is famous for his “table shots.” So I will close this little report with this “Gum” angle.

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new pictures!

Have I mentioned how much I love pictures? How lucky am I, then, to have professional photographers in the family!

John Macy recently passed along the family pictures he and Erin took at our traditional Christmas brunch at the Jory in December. So I am delighted to share them with you here.

2017 Allison Breakfast-102

Our entire Macy “side” lives right here in Newberg!

2017 Allison Breakfast-101

Here we are with five of our eleven grands: Oscar, Sage, Will, Brynn, and Lincoln.

2017 Allison Breakfast-103

2017 Allison Breakfast-104

2017 Allison Breakfast-107

These will remind you who belongs to whom. I’ve updated the photos page of this blog, using these news pics, if you want to know more.

2017 Allison Breakfast-106

And yours trulies . . .

Mauri & Sherry - 20 years apart

Not only do I love pictures but I love to match them. I put this combo on Instagram with the caption: “I might as well face it. He will always be taller.”

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2018-02-24 19.52.38

I remember how much fun we had last year at Linsey’s client appreciation party at Chapters Books, so of course I was ready for it again.

2018-02-24 19.22.13

Linsey’s a cracker jack Realtor, which is why she has so many people to appreciate.

2018-02-24 19.07.00

We got on her appreciation list for referrals. These were our door prizes. Our door prize from last year hangs in our entry.

2018-02-24 19.07.48-1

These Macy cousins enjoy their Lego door prizes.

2018-02-24 19.16.08

2018-02-24 19.16.03

2018-02-24 19.27.28

Pete and his boys check out the goodies.

2018-02-24 19.06.33

Lincoln helps his mama draw names for some really great gifts.

2018-02-24 19.16.44

He even drew MY name! Look at the beautiful cutting board I bought home. If the name “Ragsdale” sounds familiar, maybe you saw this or more recently this.


The finale—photobooth! Pete needed little persuasion to join me.

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in all kinds of other weather

Oregon gets a bad rap when it comes to weather. Me, I love Oregon weather. Yes, even the rain. Maybe especially the rain.

You’re right. If all we had was rain, I might get tired moss growing on my eyebrows. But really, our weather is just full of surprises. I already showed you our weather on Saturday.

2018-02-18 09.52.26

This was our weather on Sunday, yesterday. The higher elevations had enough for sledding and snowman building. But we city folk got just enough to admire for an hour or two and then it all melted.

Today being Monday and Presidents Day and a day off work, Mauri and I decided to take a drive to Forest Grove, a half hour away. Mauri’s been mostly housebound for two months now. Thankfully he’s been looked over by experts, one being the neurosurgeon who fixed his back two years ago. Dr. Rohrer will operate again on March 15, this time for bilateral decompression. It’s a less impactive surgery this time that will heal faster and require a shorter recovery. Yay! The four-wheel walker with a seat we borrowed has given him much more freedom.

2018-02-19 13.12.03

Usually that means freedom around the house, but it also means freedom to take his wife for a countryside drive on a sunny blue-sky day.

2018-02-19 13.12.15

I was semi-successful in catching a glimpse of the high elevation. Can you see the snow-covered trees just to the left of the close bush?

2018-02-19 14.15.31

I’m fairly sure you’d rather see pictures of our grandkids, but today we’re featuring ordinary Oregon.

Three days = rain, snow, and blue skies. Tomorrow maybe hail?

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in all kinds of weather


Location: Puerto, Vallarta, MX. Those people down there are Dusty and Cassidy. It was Dusty’s birthday (yesterday), and the entire Anderson clan (parents, brother/family) gathered in warm country for some time together.


Location: Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, PA. These two decided that after 2.5 years they needed a day away from their kids.

2018-02-17 10.47.55-1

2018-02-17 10.50.22

Location: Newberg, OR. Mauri and I took our first drive on the new and long-awaited Newberg-Dundee Bypass. Those drops on our windshield are part of the ambience.

We’d just come from the breakfast portion of a birthday celebration with four of our five local grandkids.

2018-02-17 10.18.57-1

2018-02-17 10.22.41

And now, as I type, the sun shines brightly through our south window. In all kinds of weather . . .

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