#oneadaymay 2017

Mauri and I both had fun with #oneadaymay this year, just as we did last year. (The symbol # means hashtag.) So I thought I’d share some of the pics we posted under that hashtag.


2017-05-04 15.33.12

My office buddy, going on 14 years. #oneadaymay #shesawme #shecallsmesharon #orshewwy

2017-05-10 09.42.14

When a puppy visits the office. #oneadaymay

2017-05-15 12.09.51-1

Reliving our musical past. #oneadaymay #twostories #edlyman

2017-05-17 18.43.15-1

From a different angle #oneadaymay

2017-05-18 23.43.57

Fully entertained tonight, maybe more from time spent with Gail than the show (though it was great). #oneadaymay #timetosleepnow #zzzz

2017-05-19 18.47.11

29. That’s how many years I’ve survived without my mom. Other people love me, but no one as fiercely as she did. That’s me in her arms. Little did I know then the impact she’d have on me, and it hasn’t stopped. Never will. #oneadaymay #mydadcalledhermother

2017-05-31 23.18.18-1

She did it! On to Grand Canyon University in the fall. #oneadaymay


The best part of Meal Train is holding the newborn. #oneadaymay


Off with the temp, on with the permanent crown. Zip zop #oneadaymay #itwilllastforever #doctorbrecke


She sat talking to Mauri, her back facing me. Captivating curls became the theme, so natural and springy. My head produces straight gray wisps, never more than four inches, nowadays a visible scalp. Who has a wand to wave over me, one that will make mine like hers? Oh, never mind. Thin short gray wisps are perfectly fine. #oneadaymay


Look who’s immersed in pink, and thinking in twos! #oneadaymay #twinsontheway


Mother love reflected through a smile and the lens of her sunglasses. #oneadaymay


Sunbathing. I hope she remembered sunscreen. #oneadaymay


I get to tickle that neck in one week! #andkissit #oneadaymay


Kindergarten music program in perspective. #sagecharlotterose #oneadaymay


How often does he get to pet goats! #eieioh #oneadaymay


Brother DK left home at 5am, drove to the Berg for Aunt Eilene’s memorial service at 2pm, visited a few minutes at the cookie reception, then headed back home. He’s a crazy man but also a dedicated family man. #oneadaymay


Quinn and her Babies of Juarez shoppers have been busy. This is only a fraction of what’s stored for the next trip to Mexico in June. #oneadaymay

Mauri’s #oneadaymay pictures focus on food, coffee, scenic sights, and miscellany. Here are a few for your entertainment.


[No published comment, but I’ll add that he took this while he was at Fish Camp on the other side of Mt. Hood. He didn’t fish but did lead worship with 40 or so men.]


#americano #sumatralintongaeknauli #oneadaymay


#bonvoyage #aloha #oneadaymay


#mustangsally #friendcraig #oneadaymay


[Again, no published comment, but you might recognize the Peixoto trademark from a previous post and note that he couldn’t resist buying some.]

The end.

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arizona highlights – part 3

2017-05-31 12.59.30

Who could turn down an opportunity for a private tour of Midwest Food Bank? You can be sure we didn’t!

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 5.24.00 PM

If you check the link, you’ll see there are many locations. Gilbert, AZ, is their newest. In fact, they were just getting organized when we toured this remarkable facility.

2017-05-31 13.01.56

I didn’t ask, but it looks like these tables are set up for assembly. But my interest was drawn to the painted mural.

2017-05-31 13.07.24

We were led into a large empty, yet-to-be-carpeted space to watch a 13-minute video about the work.

Here, I found it online.

2017-05-31 13.25.02

Our guide, Lauren Leverette, serves as executive director of the Gilbert branch. She is one of only three paid staff; all others — and I repeat there are many — who give their time and resources to keep this ministry going.

Ah, you’re wondering why this matters to us!


Drum roll . . .

Babies of Juarez (a.k.a. Blessing for Life) has a shiny new 501(c)(3) all its own! Up until recently its tax-exempt status has been supported under The Shepherd’s Way in Colorado. And now, through the generosity of a supporter, BoJ is an Arizona ministry — here is the connection — and the only requirement to join in the benefits Midwest Food Bank offers.

Put the two together and think of the possibilities when Costco or Walmart or RiteAid . . . want to unload expired diapers and/or formula! Quinn will be first in line to help distribute them to people in need.

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arizona highlights – part 2

2017-05-31 11.24.30

Knowing Mauri’s great interest in coffee, Quinn gave us a high recommendation for this shop in Chandler. While ordering our drinks I asked for the pronunciation of the name: Peixoto. He said it, then handed me a cup sleeve with the printed logo to help me remember.

2017-05-31 11.16.33

Pay Sho Tow, with equal accent on all three syllables. It appears I’m not the first to ask for help with this.

2017-05-31 11.14.19

We sat at the counter to get a good look at the roaster (equipment) and the roaster (person). He chatted with Mauri while continuing his work of roasting 50-gram samples in a special sample roaster (not shown).

2017-05-31 11.18.58

Mauri’s more-than-casual interest led our new friend to show us the map where these beans are grown——on a farm owned by Peixoto (the coffee shop).

2017-05-31 11.19.16

Interestingly, the farmer’s name is Peixoto! Do you think that’s a coincidence? And yes, it is fair wage. I asked, though these days it probably goes without (asking).

2017-05-31 11.21.46

Our roaster friend, whose name neither of us asked (though I did ask permission to photograph him), is not related to the owners but just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the shop opened and needed someone with his interest and expertise.

And so you can see that even a visit to a small coffee shop can turn into an adventure when your travel partner is Mauri Macy.

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arizona highlights – part 1

2017-05-30 14.55.09

Hanging around with this guy is always a highlight. Neither of us is very touristy, so our travel adventures center on food, coffee, “*shopping,” and whatever the family is doing (*Goodwill for me; guitars for him). Mauri caught a doozy of a cold a few days before we left home, but he adventured on.

2017-05-29 15.07.11

Declan barely acknowledges anyone around him when Uncle Dusty is in sight.

The Carlsons have a pool in their backyard so the parents want to make sure he’s waterproof.

I’d say he’s doing well! High five, Declan!

2017-05-29 18.15.23

I was unsuccessful of getting a picture of Quinn with her new Jeep Willys, but we did manage to have a fun jaunt in it. See me in the rearview mirror?

2017-05-29 16.23.38 HDR

A Memorial Day lunch included the Carlsons and their houseguest, Chris, who contracted in Iraq with Taylor and Beth. In fact, before they went overseas, Chris introduced them and fixed them up, as they say. What a good thing! (Ever indebted to Chris for his part in giving us Beth!)

2017-05-30 20.25.30

Quiet evenings offered a delightful warm breeze, making this setting near Nirvana.

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we saw marissa graduate

Two years ago the family gathered to celebrate Bailey’s graduation from high school, then launched him to Dordt College in Iowa. He finds it a good fit, and he plans to stay for  his last two years, spending spring term 2018 in Spain!

And we’ve just returned from being part of the family gathering to celebrate Marissa’s graduation from Gilbert Christian. I’m sure you’ll discount what I’m about to say, since I’m her grandmother (Gus), but a finer young woman heading to college you will never meet. If you need a bit of backup for that accolade, I give you:


Bailey was on hand to witness Marissa’s acceptance of the Student of the Year award, something he himself earned at Gilbert Christian High his senior year.


There, you can see one of the many advantages of sending your kids to Christian school.


Here you can see she is a 4.0 GPA honor student who served as student body president, was part of the National Honor Society, and volunteered more than 150 hours.

2017-05-29 20.30.04

Oh, and if you can bear more bragging—will most likely to become President!

2017-05-29 20.25.30

Kaden took time from his own prep for graduation to help Marissa decorate her cap.

2017-05-30 09.20.46

Her open house happened before we arrived, so we enjoyed looking over some of the items on her table.

2017-05-30 17.56.04

Justifiably proud parents head for baccalaureate with their senior.

2017-05-31 17.13.20

The next night, heading toward graduation, we see the result of Kaden and Marissa’s labors.

2017-05-31 18.51.55

The Carlson family waits for the festivities to begin.

2017-05-31 18.45.44

Marissa’s Spanish prof, Mike Paasch, spoke these words of blessing the night before at baccalaureate. Mike (and his wife, Lynne) has been part of our Thanksgiving house builds in Juarez, so it’s cool we have this extra connection with him.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the ceremony, but I have to say the main speaker gave the best, spot-on graduation speech I’ve ever heard.

2017-05-31 20.13.59

Our Riss was second in line, so we had our cameras ready.

2017-05-31 20.37.50-1

And after the whole class had officially graduated, they gathered on stage for the pronouncement and the hat toss. Can you pick out Marissa on the front row? She’s turning to smile at Kaden, right behind.

2017-05-31 20.45.08

Cramped quarters and poor lighting left me with only a few shareworthy photos. But I love this brother/sister moment.

2017-05-31 21.00.18

Again with the parents.

2017-05-31 21.02.04

Add the siblings. (I asked them to lean in. . .)

2017-05-31 21.03.39

And everybody else! (Yes, you notice one of us is carrying twins, due in only two months!)

untitled (1 of 1)

Wait! One more . . . with Kaden.

Marissa kindergarten graduation

Kindergarten graduation! Oh, oh!

scan (1)

One correction of the small print at the bottom. Between printing and the graduation, Marissa decided to attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix to study business administration. She’ll live in the dorm and enjoy her graduation gift of “AMY” (a family car named for its license). Incidentally, Kaden will also attend GCU. Hmmmmm.

Quinn matchup graduations

Our evening ended much the same as two years ago. Q on the left (2015), Q on the right (2017). I do love my matchups!

The Andersons left the same day we flew home to spend a few days in Puerto Peñasco, MX, to finish out the celebration. Congratulations, Marissa!

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retired at 81+

My cousin Helen Katherine might not appreciate me telling her age, so I’ll just give a hint that she is exactly ten years older than I am. (I’ll be 72 in July.) What makes her age remarkable though is that she retired from a life-long teaching career today. I have to admit I’m very proud of her. And she’d probably still be teaching if she hadn’t had a fainting episode that caused her doctors to remove driving privileges for six weeks or so, making it hard for her to get to her teaching suite on the second floor of a downtown Ohio office building.

She accepted this restriction with grace and found her way around by taxi and the goodness of friends—but also thought this might be God’s way of helping her move toward retirement. So even while being taxied around, HK strategized hauling her 29 years (in that location) worth of tutoring materials home to sort and disburse. To say nothing of all the furniture and decor she’d used.

I was a little surprised to note (from searching this blog) it’s been around 3.5 years since she gave me a personal tour of her office.

2013-09-20 10.55.03

2013-09-20 10.57.03

2013-09-20 10.58.18

2013-09-20 10.58.06

2013-09-20 10.58.32

2013-09-20 10.58.57


2013-09-20 11.01.04

Those wasp nests and probably that armadillo have now found new admirers.


Moving out took many trips up and down these stairs.


And today, along with this photo . . .


. . . she sent this note to her close friends and me.

“It has happened! I am now officially retired from being paid for my teaching and tutoring students! . . . This poster was made by a fourth grade student. She has come for my tutoring for one year, but many of my current students have come for two or three years. I will really miss each of them and their families. And I will miss teaching too. I am very happy to have accomplished my huge goal of being almost all moved out of my tutoring office by today, having also distributed so very many teaching materials, knick knacks, and office furniture. So I do have many good feelings mixed with my sad ones. But I have fully accepted all this as God’s timing for me.”


I didn’t mention the plants that made their home in her office. These ferns did not find another home because there was no way HK could part with them.


Again in her own words: “These were my mother’s plants I watered as a child. Now that it is summer they can be put out on the front porch.”

What?! She watered these plants as a child? I had to ask if I’d read that right.

“Yes, indeed! Mom and I had the fern plants on the front porch all summer and put them inside in several ferneries during the winter. One of these did die some years ago, and I bought another. All are still in their same pots that Mom had them in.”

Imagine that!

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I wish I had a way to track how long ago John Williams painted this portrait of himself but I can guess it was when he studied art at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. (He graduated in 2008, history I can research by typing in the search engine on this blog.)

JohnW 2017

Here’s a recent self-portrait, created with Adobe Illustrator in a class he took in Portland.

John Macy sketch

Not much doubt who this is (especially with the name, right?) JohnW, who is never far from his sketchbook, captured his brother-in-law’s essence on his return from around-the-world travels back in 2009 (again a blog search to find the date). He showed up with a full red beard (as you can plainly see).


And that baby Oscar . . .

oscar sketch 3

He’s been drawn innumerable times since this.

My boys

Here’s one more contemporary, with Yoda.

OK drawing1

You can see the young one is following in his dad’s footsteps.

OK drawing2

A leftie like his mom. I like that.

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