five is a lot

new house

Son John Williams bought a house on our side of town, and yesterday was moving day. Would I look after the five local grandkids while all the parents help with the move-in?

2018-08-18 10.08.19


2018-08-18 10.17.35

They’re good kids and entertained themselves. But I unveiled the Old Maid cards I made for Will and Lincoln to give them a little distraction. They include matching sets of all their aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.

Old Maid

Plus the Old Maid, of course.

2018-08-18 10.16.52

“I found a pair!” Oh, Lincoln, yes you did, you found a pair!

2018-08-18 11.58.24-1

Eventually it was time for lunch—make-your-own pizzas.

2018-08-18 11.58.57

2018-08-18 11.58.53

2018-08-18 12.02.13

One of my instructions was to “Make sure you’ll be able to recognize your own pizzas.”

2018-08-18 12.22.15

No problem! They all “earned” their chocolate pudding for dessert. And soon it was time for someone else to relieve me of my post.

Mission accomplished. All five kids still alive at the end of my assignment.

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try to remember

We usually low key our anniversary, and today was no exception. I went to work, Mauri replaced the filter on the water purifier, normal-life stuff. But that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate. Twenty-four years of marriage is nothing to shake a stick at. Last night when I told Taylor and Beth on FaceTime that tomorrow would be our 24th anniversary, Beth wondered if that was longer than I’d been married to Taylor’s dad. Her response when hearing the answer was no, 27 years, she said, “Wow, you’ve been married a LONG time!” Yes——yes, I have.

8-044 2

(photo credit Nancy Carter!)

So this evening we enjoyed a moment to reminisce our wedding ceremony through this photo (we were saying our promises).


And this exceptional moment when our newly blended family blended hands and voices in a version of the Doxology you’ve probably never heard. It was truly a moment, one not easily forgotten.

And a few minutes ago I shared these two photos along with the extra-long-for-social-media story below:



“We wonder why go out and spend a lot of money for a steak dinner to celebrate our 24th anniversary when we can go fancy right at home. Not that those filets were cheap, mind you, but the cook in our family whose initials are MMM has nailed the preparation no restaurant can top! I decided to show our dinner plates sans steak, perfectly baked Yukon gold potatoes, and cheesy veggies because you’d be over here in a flash. Not that we wouldn’t share, of course. Oh, and another advantage in eating in is you don’t have to drive home after dinner because you’re already there. So here’s my public “Happy Anniversary” to the man who not only cooks but poses without complaint for an anniversary selfie holding up four fingers. #luckyme❤️”

Mauri’s out walking the dog, giving me these minutes to write. Normal life is best. When he returns he’ll sit in the chair nearby and we’ll keep the candles burning a little longer while we watch another episode of “The Closer” and I pay some bills from this computer.

We are truly blessed, and we know it. Thank you, God!

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yearly meeting choir

This past week, across town, the annual sessions for Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends were held. Mauri was asked to gather a choir to lead worship in the final service on Wednesday night.

2018-07-24 18.19.52

I sat and watched in awe of his giftedness to help a group of singers read new scores in two half-hour rehearsals and feel ready to lead others — with joy!

YM choir

I was glad to discover that waiting a few days to post this I can also include a link for you to watch and listen. It starts with Mauri sitting on an empty platform playing a ten-minute prelude on one of two of George Fox University’s Bosendorfer pianos. At 13:45 (on the progress bar) Mauri talks from the piano and leads several songs. Drag the yellow dot to that spot and sing along with us!

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For a change I asked Amazon to send a gift to me rather than ship it directly to its recipient. I hoped to fill the two-photo frame with pictures from my vast collection before I remailed it to California for the 50th anniversary celebration of my sister, Carol, and her Bill.

But my vast collection let me down.

1968-bridesmaids for Carol's wedding California

What I found was a picture of me fifty years ago when I was young and slim——and married and barely PG with Ben (who, yes, will be 50 years old next March!)

Beard wedding Nill family

There was this one too, but it’s too pixelly. So I printed up two placeholder pics, took the gift to the post office, and sent an SOS note to my niece Krista, who would be celebrating with her parents on the California coast. “Pictures, please!”



She so readily gave her permission to share with you these two pictures from her folder of 40 that I now wish I had asked for more!

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two turn one

Photo Jul 20, 4 04 28 PM

One year ago today a squishy, gooey baby girl was born, the one named “Baby A” from the time we learned she was one of two babies growing inside Beth. Avery Harper.

Photo Jul 20, 4 05 20 PM

A few minutes later “Baby B” took her first breath, and her parents got their first glimpse of the daughters they’d be raising. This one Emery Capri.

“They” say the first year is the hardest with multiples. Taylor and Beth will attest it was indeed hard and exhausting, right along with all the fun and surprise. But they won’t know for several years whether or not it was the hardest. In the meantime, they get to spend their days enjoying the care and company of these little darlings.












Happy birthday, sweethearts!

Beth writes: “Well our baby girls are ONE! What a fun, crazy, exhausting, and emotional year we have had together. Words cannot describe our love for them. We just love watching them go through each milestone and life together. They are so blessed to have each other and we are more blessed God gave them to our family.”

Beth writes about each one: “Avery is fun loving, always smiling, and our best sleeper. There isn’t a song out there that doesn’t make her want to dance. Poor girl has a fever, but you can’t tell from these pictures.”

“Emery is our sweet, fun loving but also very focused little lady twho doesn’t let anything get in the way of whatever she has set out to accomplish. She will knock you over and crawl over you if you get in her way too. 🤣. She is also a trouper, cooperating despite croup and an ear infection. She was able to rise to the occasion.”

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Mauri just wrote and recorded a new song. I should probably put new in quotes since he got the idea for the hook line years ago. Maybe he’ll tell you the story sometime.

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macy family reunion

Every three years the descendants of Harlan and Clara Macy gather at Harbor Villa on the Oregon Coast to celebrate our common roots. Since I share no “roots” per se, I celebrate those I’ve grown to love over the past 24 years as a Macy. The family is much (much) larger than those who gathered, but I prefer a more intimate group anyway.

2018-07-14 13.31.19

Before the first event, I availed myself of the beach within reach, the one with the two matching rocks (except for the hole in one). I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect walk-on-the-beach day.

2018-07-14 14.10.29-1

On the way back I spied some familiar faces—these dear ones—enjoying a beach walk as well. I was more of a surprise to them than they to me, since I know they own a little summer place in Rockaway. Still, it was a serendipity!

2018-07-14 17.38.43

These are three of the four offspring of the oldest Macy brother, Jay. Their brother Doug died this year, a big loss in many ways.

2018-07-14 14.55.12

2018-07-14 18.29.39

2018-07-14 18.17.03-1

These sisters belong to Bernice’s tribe. They were focused on the food prep, a task they’ve taken on for many years. No small undertaking! This year I was recruited to grill the onions. You might have wondered what was that enticing aroma in the air yesterday. Yup, that was us!


2018-07-14 16.01.21

You can see where Mauri’s dad fits into the large family.

2018-07-14 18.48.12-1

Karen and John Macy are from Dwight’s bloodline.

2018-07-14 19.55.38

Brother Howard chats with cousin Richard, Macys both.

2018-07-14 19.55.45

It’s good to honor our heritage, even an inherited one through marriage.

2018-07-14 20.07.52

Once again we have reason to be grateful for this place.

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