Here are some tunes from the Harbor Villa retreats…
“Pleasin’ You Pleases Me” (I used to sing this with Rachel)
“Let Your Love Shine Through” (jump in and whistle)
“I’d Rather Be Me” (a remake of the original song)

Here are a couple of original songs, though you’ll recognize the hymn reference in one.
“Closer Walk”
“Some People”

added July 17, 2018: “Sometimes”

2 Responses to Music

  1. Janet Marie says:

    Loved hearing you sing…many a sunset since that banquet in Spokane for GBC. Any way to add one with you and Sherry? Just a thought. : ) May God bless you both today…oh, He’s already done that…You’re both very dear!
    With prayers…

  2. Doug Bartlett says:

    Mauri – is there any place on the web where you have put the music you have created? . . .I have a nephew who is an elementary music teacher and music leader in his church to whom I’d like to introduce your music.

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