Family in Photos

2017 Allison Breakfast-106

We celebrate an anniversary every July 30. This year makes 24.


Our English setter, Mr. Darcy, a.k.a. Darcy Girl. She’s nine now. This was her reaction to learning it was National Dog Day.

Here’s our “immediate family” in chronological order:


Ben Carlson lives in Michigan and works for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors as director, business planning, North America (taken from his business card). Summer makes him smile.


The Anderson family lives in Arizona. Bailey is a senior at Dordt College in Iowa. Marissa is a sophomore at Grand Canyon University near home, and Cassidy is a freshman at Gilbert Christian High School. Dusty works as vice president for construction and real estate at Sage, and Quinn is a busy homemaker and founder of Babies of Juarez.

2017 Allison Breakfast-103

In 2015, John Williams and Oscar moved to Oregon with Rachel in her last days. Oscar is nine years old and in third grade. John continues to study art expressions and graphic design.

2017 Allison Breakfast-105

Pete, Linsey, Will, and Lincoln Macy live in Oregon. Linsey loves selling real estate with Premiere Property Group, LLC, and Pete manages the home and an active seven-year-old and a busy two-year-old.


Taylor and Beth Carlson live in Haymarket, Virginia. Declan, at age three, is big brother to sisters, Avery and Emery, born in July 2017. Taylor is a field service engineer for Agilent Technologies. Beth cares for the children and loves her near-daily CrossFit workout.

2017 Allison Breakfast-107

John, Erin, Sage, and Brynn Macy live in Oregon. John works for Nike and Erin fits in two part-time jobs and  cares for 2nd grader Sage (8) and kindergartener Brynn (6). John and Erin also have a photography business.

6 Responses to Family in Photos

  1. Don Sutter says:

    If that’s who I really am. Nice picture of you two at “Two rocks, one with a hole in it”. Mauri, I just wanted you to know I can’t start a new book at page one any more. I always start at page 3 or 5 in your honor. -smile

    Gosh, we all look so much older, especially John and Pete.

  2. Basil Rathbone says:

    Merry Christmas from the Sutters and best wishes for the Jubilee Year 2017.

  3. DK Williams says:

    What a beautiful family!!!! Love you all. Uncle DK

  4. cheryl Nill says:

    Love, Love, Love!

  5. Julene says:

    A Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for sharing your family pics!
    Jim and Julene

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