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when in jacksonville

Mauri and I occasionally reminisce election day twenty years ago when we happened to be visiting the Nill clan (my side of the family) in Jacksonville, FL. As lifelong conservative Republicans, we were quite pleased that our candidate, George Bush, … Continue reading

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zoom zoom

I’m sure anyone who invested in Zoom prior to the lockdowns can be assumed much wealthier for it. I’m sorry to say we are not among those with such fortuitous foresight. Truthfully, I’m happy for their success because it allowed … Continue reading

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afterglow – wine and family dinner

My drive home from Idaho gifted me with 6.5 hours of listening time. Having just been treated to face-to-face connections with three podcasting Wilson women, I decided to relisten to a What Have You episode. But driving at 75 mph … Continue reading

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we needed that

We are back from five days at the Oregon Coast. Actually, I was there five days, Mauri two. And yes, we’d been in the same spot only a week earlier. Bottom line—Harbor Villa in Rockaway Beach/Twin Rocks draws us in … Continue reading

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It’s been more than 4.5 months since we entertained guests at 514. So it was a unique joy to welcome Gary and Judi at our front door. It would be a too-short visit, and we didn’t even offer coffee or … Continue reading

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guessing game

Instructions: scroll through the following pictures and try to figure out what each one has in common with the others. Ready? Wow—you are very clever to figure out the guessing game. Much more clever than I was when my clever … Continue reading

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a variety of joy

If I don’t experience joy every day, I need to reexamine what makes me joyful! Above all, I take great joy in my identity as a Jesus follower and the brightest future known to man. The past few days delivered … Continue reading

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my friend vic

My lifelong friend Vic Graham died yesterday, and my first thought on waking this morning was of Vic in heaven, safely home. Less than a week ago he was bounding up the stairs of his son’s home, heading for three-generation … Continue reading

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match madness

I was a little slow in catching on to what Leo was saying to the group of mothers and babies gathered at the Missions Ministries team center. Oh that I had studied harder in high school Spanish class! But here … Continue reading

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a tenth home for the holidays

It’s hard to assimilate this year’s Thanksgiving build. Going into it I thought, as I often do, I’d go light this year on the pictures, then pick a few favorites to report here. After all, you who follow this blog … Continue reading

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