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mother’s piano lives on

For months now we’ve been following the progress of a big project involving the restoration of my mother’s 1916 six-foot Model “O” Steinway piano. My brother, John, remembers as an 8-year-old going with my dad to a man’s house to … Continue reading

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mother’s planters

Here it is, Mothers Day again, and I have refreshed my annual tradition of putting something alive and lovely in my mother’s planters. This blog comes in handy when I forget certain facts such as the origin of the planters … Continue reading

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the wonder of loss

I learned today that my second cousin Bob Ronke died. I haven’t had direct contact with Bob in many years, especially since his mother, Beryl, passed away. I’m glad my first cousin Helen Katherine has had a more intentional relationship … Continue reading

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We went out for pizza tonight and on the way there we both had the same flashback—to 1990. I was Sherry Carlson back then, had flown to Oregon from Michigan to make this recording. We’d finished our work and on … Continue reading

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treasures in wooden form

Have I mentioned I’ve been releasing attachments / deaccumulating lately? Yea, I suppose I have. Well, I’m still doing it. Nine wooden puzzles. I’d be rich if I had a dime for every single time I put them together through … Continue reading

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family merry christmas

Like yours, our family starts celebrating Christmas long before the 25th. The bigger the family and the older we get, the longer it takes to fit in all the traditions and celebrations we’ve established over time. Our Macy/Williams side began … Continue reading

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more shadowbox fun

We waited not very patiently for Bailey to text his parents and fiancé that his delayed flight from Iowa to Arizona had finally boarded. Each of us “waiters” had our own reason for wanting him to hurry home from college … Continue reading

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