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social media theme

Distance separates us from some of our grandkids, so I rely on social media for glimpses into their lives. This week revealed a theme I had to share here. (Cassidy is on the left.) (screenshot snatched from a video) Who … Continue reading

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being a dad

It appears daddies comforting their sick two-year-old sons runs in our family this year. Taylor with Declan Pete with Lincoln It’s sad but also very sweet.

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desert photoshoot

The day after Christmas Taylor Finkbeiner met us in the Arizona desert for an hour of posing and clicking, and here are my picks of her results. Like this . . . circa 1978 circa 2017

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christmas overview

Here it is the end of New Year’s Day, and I’m eager to share some of our Christmas family time before I go back to work in the morning. But first — a quick look at what happened in Virginia … Continue reading

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back to life in the fast lane

Down in El Paso, we had just crossed the border. Raul and Juan Carlos dropped us off at Harvest Christian Center, where we’d parked our cars several days earlier. Only a few minutes later, a couple from Waco showed up … Continue reading

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another this-and-that post

While I spent my days at the office—last week especially full because of upcoming travels—Mauri has been overseeing several home projects. It’s one thing to hire others to do the work and another thing to make sure mutual understandings are … Continue reading

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and the beat goes on

I’ve opened a file on my desktop and named it “This Week.” I drop photos depicting the “this and that” of my days into the folder, wondering which if any of the pics will make it into a blog post. … Continue reading

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