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more shadowbox fun

We waited not very patiently for Bailey to text his parents and fiancĂ© that his delayed flight from Iowa to Arizona had finally boarded. Each of us “waiters” had our own reason for wanting him to hurry home from college … Continue reading

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paying tribute to a tree

This old apple tree has made an appearance on this blog numerous times. To the average passerby, it’s just a gnarly and gangly eyesore, its better days far behind. It’s been dismembered for overhanging the property line and for taking … Continue reading

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october 31 revisited

Photos started arriving three hours earlier from the East Coast. The elephant, with his years of experience trick or treating, might be more excited about Halloween than his two peanut sisters. Yep, takin’ it in stride. Sorta. Me, I found … Continue reading

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one-year photo shoot

Life’s busyness got in the way of my sharing a few pictures from the Carlson girls’ one-year photo shoot. So bear with me while I belatedly put just a few gems on here for posterity. Have you seen them often … Continue reading

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first day photos

Hee hee! I love first-day-of-school pictures so much! Here’s what I have. . . Schools in Arizona start early (and end early too), so Cassidy was the first to show up. Quinn knows I need lots of pictures, so she … Continue reading

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No surprise that one of my favorite things is a video of a baby learning to walk. Yesterday, Beth sent me this video of Emery, which meant I needed to grab a screenshot of that look for her book. I’ll … Continue reading

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five is a lot

Son John Williams bought a house on our side of town, and yesterday was moving day. Would I look after the five local grandkids while all the parents help with the move-in? Sure! They’re good kids and entertained themselves. But … Continue reading

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