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three quarters of a century

I recently had an inspired thought, an idea! So I said to Mauri: “I have a significant birthday coming up in a few weeks and wondered if you’d like a hint of something you might do as a gift for … Continue reading

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on my mind lately

It’s usually very easy to sit at my computer and tell a simple story with a few pictures and a few words. But life outside the comfortable walls of our home doesn’t lend itself to anything I can begin to … Continue reading

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guessing game

Instructions: scroll through the following pictures and try to figure out what each one has in common with the others. Ready? Wow—you are very clever to figure out the guessing game. Much more clever than I was when my clever … Continue reading

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is it over yet?

You might not agree, but I think it’s time to get going again. Not that I have anything pressing on my calendar. I am still content with life as it is, but I’m feeling a little rebellious now that we’ve … Continue reading

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I have very little to complain about while we wait out the storm. We have everything we need, even TP, well supplied from long before it became a commodity. We’re still far from boredom with plenty of projects to pass … Continue reading

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resurrection day reflections

I wish you had a blog! I would love to read your stories and not always drag you into ours. But here we are again—me writing, you reading. These days we’re all in the same boat, following the safekeeping rules … Continue reading

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more of the same

What better way to start a post about the nothing we’ve been doing for weeks now? Did that sound like complaint? I assure you it is not! We are of all people most blessed to have so few worries in … Continue reading

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who is that masked (wo)man?

Mauri turned some shirts from his closet over to me to re-home. Normally that plaid one would head to consignment, the knit one cut up into squares for multiple purposes. But in these trend-setting times, I found a different use … Continue reading

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In no time at all we’ll look back on March 2020 as an interesting chapter in our history. We’ll tell stories of the unexplainable “interest” in stockpiling TP, the stock market plunge, country-wide cancellations, social distancing, travel bans, daily Presidential … Continue reading

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a variety of joy

If I don’t experience joy every day, I need to reexamine what makes me joyful! Above all, I take great joy in my identity as a Jesus follower and the brightest future known to man. The past few days delivered … Continue reading

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