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The brilliant colors pulled my attention toward the upstairs window——blue, red, yellow——five hot-air balloons at varying distances, all visible between the U-shaped opening in the neighborhood trees across our backyard. This time of year a single balloon is a fairly … Continue reading

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the end and the beginning

The end of my visit with Taylor, Beth, and Declan included an early birthday dinner (out) and some backyard fireworks that were just the right amount of exciting. It was low key enough that Declan could enter in without trauma. … Continue reading

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early 4th

We’ll begin with this pan of cubed pork belly. Taylor tasted some a few weeks back prepared by his brother-in-law Ryan in Austin, TX, and the plan rapidly came together. The radiant mama-to-be-again after church (mass). We got to stay … Continue reading

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helping hands

Taylor Facetimed me a week ago today, and an hour later I was telling my coworkers I needed to take a leave of absence to come down to AZ to lend my hands with 22-month-old Declan while Beth takes it … Continue reading

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pink hair

My days and evenings this week have been made up of meetings and work and little else except eating and sleeping. It’s all for a good cause. I’ll get my life back eventually. And eventually I’ll explain what’s kept me … Continue reading

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sunday day of rest?

Since Mauri’s retirement, Sundays most often are days of rest. But yesterday turned into a non-stopper beginning with a lovely drive to Marion, Oregon, an hour south of home. We have a bad habit of leaving way too early, which … Continue reading

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89 Days

This morning I read Mark 10 and Galatians 1 & 2, so now you can see I’m on Day 38. I heard about the “The cell rule of Optina” through my “Women of Hillside” group. It’s a reading structure that … Continue reading

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