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This workshop was offered just one day too late for me. I’ve done the “staying healthy” part. I passed my annual wellness appointment with flying colors, even with accolades. But that didn’t help much on Wednesday morning when the side … Continue reading

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a rose by any other name

We decorate the neighborhood every year with our streetside rose garden. It’s a satisfying “effort.” I put effort in quotes because the effort expended has nothing to do with me, beyond the money we spend to have it maintained and … Continue reading

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coffee anyone?

In my last post I included a little story about Cassidy and why she and her mom accompanied Dusty to South America on a business trip. Our children live exciting lives, full of travel and adventure, and I don’t often … Continue reading

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birthdays and more

The prelude to Declan’s second birthday was to face his carseat forward, as state law permits or requires. He’ll have a whole new look at the world from now on. I doubt he remembers anything about his first birthday, so … Continue reading

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“how can i minister to all these people”

I had no idea how geeked I’d be about the eclipse. My interest in it had gone far enough to order three pairs of eclipse glasses (which were refunded by Amazon for safety and probably litigious reasons), but I wasn’t … Continue reading

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on a roll

First, these came along a month ago, two at a time. Last week I cooked up my current favorite lunch, and twin yolks came along two at a time. Last night I broke two eggs to make French toast, and … Continue reading

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anything but dull

If you don’t have a friend like Deborah, you need to find one. Today! Here is one of 12 posts that report my adventures with her. (OK, if you insist, I’ll link this one too.) My friendship with Deborah goes … Continue reading

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