she has no fear

What do you notice about Avery?

Way back, she was leading her sister down a dangerous path.

Her parents tried to tame her with gymnastics lessons.

Declan did his best: “Mom, will you please tell Avery not to try this? She won’t listen.”

She just needed a better view…..

Surely a broken arm would teach her something!

…or not. You’ll notice that Emery is holding her ground, not following A’s example anymore.

I’d say she looks proud of herself.

Hmmmm, if I’m reading that face correctly, it’s a little more than pride. Yep, I raised her dad!

Yesterday, Beth went upstairs to make lunch. I think Avery is a little too smart for her own good. And at lunch a few minutes later, Beth asked her: what we might have asked her:

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1 Response to she has no fear

  1. Judy Woolsey says:

    She did it because she could…. 🙂

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