when in jacksonville

Mauri and I occasionally reminisce election day twenty years ago when we happened to be visiting the Nill clan (my side of the family) in Jacksonville, FL. As lifelong conservative Republicans, we were quite pleased that our candidate, George Bush, had been declared the winner as we turned out the lights in our room to sleep in satisfied peace. The next morning we woke to learn that Florida ballots were being recounted, and “hanging chads” became the talk of every household across America as we waited. And watched.

So it was with great delight that I realized the timing perfection of son Ben’s visit with the same clan (with added cousins). Aunt Suzie follows all the COVID protocol, but I could easily recognize her masked face in the picture Ben texted his siblings and me. Life offers us way too few opportunities to see her.

Here she is in 1969, holding her nephew Bentley while her son, Kevin, looks on. You’ll see them in a more current form in a minute.

Well, there they are all grown up, along with two of Kevin and Cheryl’s three daughters.

Oops, back to 1969, this time with Uncle Johnny. These cousin pictures are a’plenty because Paul and I lived in Jacksonville when Bentley was born.

Breakfast this morning with Uncle Johnny! Bless our Ben’s heart for sending the pictures of our dear ones. We do have Nill family reunions every three years, as you faithful readers have witnessed. But our “extendeds” are few in number, and we relish any opportunity to enjoy cameo visits any chance we can.

And to finish off the Jacksonville experience, which Mauri and I have also enjoyed with Kevin and Cheryl, a lovely boat ride on the St. Johns River. Nothing—and I mean nothing—could make my boating son happier.

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