back to school

I’ve provided you with nearly a whole month of rest from Macy “this and that.” It isn’t like I’ve actually tried to take a blogging siesta; no, it’s more like nothing of interest is happening around 514. Mauri walks the dog every morning…

…and rides his bike every afternoon.

Both of those photos courtesy of John Macy.

Can you see Mauri in the upper left corner? I caught this screenshot while I FaceTimed with Taylor and Beth, who called me while I was on my afternoon walk in the neighborhood. Mauri just happened by and saw me sitting on some stairs, talking.

Newberg Brass keeps rehearsing every week in the Newberg Friends Church sanctuary because it allows physical distancing while the five players blow their horns. They’ve been working on a video recording project because why not? They needed some purpose for their rehearsals; all gigs cancelled due to, well, you know what.

Sorry, Dave. There weren’t any shots with all five of you, and well the player on the right cooks for me. You understand, I know…..

My freelance work occasionally offers me a reason to shower and put on real clothes. I managed to pull off a “safe” outdoor interview and photo shoot with a 94-year-old resident (and friend) of Friendsview, our local retirement community. The View is my one and only ongoing (quarterly) project. I work with Friendsview’s content editor, writing, editing, taking pictures, designing layout.

Our TV viewing has increased in the past eight months but maybe not a lot. For sure our podcast listening has, increased, that is, and much of it relates to politics. We—like you—can’t wait for the official end of this election season. Yes, I favor one candidate over the other. You?

But I titled this post “back to school” so I’d have a good reason to write today. With school so weird these days, back to school meant different things for our grandkids.

Brynn and Sage are doing virtual school last I heard.

Will and Lincoln are being homeschooled by Dad, a.k.a. Pete!

I don’t have a back-to-school pic of Oscar, but here he is as a graduate of 5th grade a few months ago.

All three Carlson kiddos get to be driven to actual in-person school.

As always, Quinn sent me a picture of Cassidy’s first day back to school in person, now a junior! But I can’t find it anywhere! Her school’s start-up was delayed for a few weeks, so these two jumped on a plane and spent quality time national-park hopping. They saw three bears on three consecutive days! To think they’d have missed that if school started on time.

And for the very last time, Marissa moves back into her dorm at Grand Canyon University.

Unrelated, but actually he is related…to me! Ben’s boating buddies threw a surprise half birthday party for him because he was born in March, when their boats are all in dry dock.

I pulled this still from the video of his thank-you speech. Hard to put a price on good friendships.

So what’s new with you?

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1 Response to back to school

  1. Jen M. says:

    Funny about using the half of the picture that features the person who cooks for you. 😃

    The rain will bring this to an end, but Dave and I enjoyed dinners, with social distancing, in the backyard with a variety of people over the last couple of months.

    We also did the fabulous trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, hitting Cody, WY on the way home. It was so great to break our routines and to see such beautiful areas of our country.

    Here’s to staying productive and positive.

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