bible reading challenge

If you joined Same Page Summer, you already know today is its finale. We finished Revelation (WOW!) and today’s reading assignment is Psalm 119! And now a whole week separates the finale from the start of reading the whole Bible. I don’t actually want a break, but it gives me this opportunity to encourage you—if you aren’t already reading—to join me and the thousands others who read the Bible every day.

Rachel Jankovic shared this encouragement on social media: 2020 feels like the year OF ALL YEARS when God’s people desperately need to be in His Word. We need truth. We need an anchor. We need courage. We need to know Him as He has revealed Himself to us. Whole Bible, starting September 7. Join us!

CLICK HERE to learn all about it. I especially like this encouragement: If you fall behind, jump back in! If you missed breakfast and lunch, you don’t have to eat them before you can eat dinner. Eat with us now! Always start with today’s reading. The plan includes catch-up days because we understand real life!

Oh look! Rachel posted a one-minute video that explains this gap week. I guess it has a purpose after all.

To the Word!

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