upstairs update

Since nothing much is happening around here these days, I thought I’d return to a promise I made sometime last May (you’ve been keeping track, I’m sure) to share pictures of my accomplishments in the upper level of our home, endearingly called 5-1-4. By this I don’t mean the attic, yet one more level above the upper level. No, no, I hope never to share pictures of that organized yet unsightly space.

But this—this I gladly share! Turns out I love it so much I find my way up to these rooms just to look around and admire.

Might as well start in what we call the “old entry” (we have two front doors), where the stairs lead up.

This is what the Macys called the toy room, which gives you an idea how many years ago Mauri and his first family moved in (1980). We call it the landing now. A loveseat I purchased 25 years ago at a garage sale for $15 took up too much of the space. Mauri and I tried to get it down the stairs, hoping to put it outside with a FREE sign on it. Too bad we had to cut off the legs to make the turn, then in desperation called Pete and John to come rescue our ill-fated plan. As you can imagine, it took them all of four minutes to reposition it, load it in the back of the van heading to the dump, and sweetly remind us they are always more than willing to help us before such projects go south.

We ordered those cool gray corduroy folding chairs for any guests who want to watch TV. You probably can’t see them over there in the corner, so I’ll add a picture to illustrate how well they work.

Awwwww, grandchildren! (See how I did that?)

You might have guessed the photo decor was my greatest delight. Can you indulge my explanations? Upper left: two unidentified Macy relatives overseeing a sizable chicken flock. Lower left: Freshly engaged to marry, we’re writing a song titled “Uncommon Love” to sing at our wedding. To the right of those: Three loved ones taken too soon from this earth—Paul, Margaret-Rose, Rachel.

A match-up series—six stages of life each taken at similar intervals. Notice Mauri and I each had a curl atop our heads as babes. The last photos were taken on our wedding day.

The USA map speaks for itself, except I need to add a magnet on Missouri because Bailey and Sarah recently moved there from Arizona. The three photos in the center represent our blended family—the two original families and the 1994 version on the bottom. The pic of my grandfather sitting at a table in his Dayton, Ohio, home is a personal favorite from the archives. And the last pic taken at the job site in Juarez, MX, on one of our ten Thanksgiving house builds reminds me, sadly, that COVID has cancelled, or should I say postponed, our 11th build.

More pictures… What can I say?

OK, a closer look, if you insist. Six match-ups!

I hope you noticed the beautiful window trim. Seven years ago we replaced the windows on all the original house, but we never mustered the oooomph for scraping, sanding, and repainting the trim.

Time provided by COVID lockdowns solved that problem, but only to redirect the task. We are so thankful for Chris Breithaupt at Work of Our Hands Woodcraft, who suggested replacing the trim to look more like the original 1905 version. Of course I couldn’t rehang the curtains that would cover up his good work. You know how one good thing leads to another good thing etc? Chris took the doors to his workshop, painted them and added working knobs. I’m happy to report that any future overnight guests at “514” will now be able to fully close the bathroom door. We’re all about progress.

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2 Responses to upstairs update

  1. Judy Woolsey says:

    Gorgeous! You’ll get your exercise going up and down to admire it all again and again! And I love the picture galleries. Doesn’t Will look just like Mauri did?

  2. Becky Williams says:

    Wow! What a great remodeling you did! Love the pics! I’ve always admired your home and the updates when I was there several years ago. But now it is really outshines itself! Guess it is waiting for an over noct visit when the pestilence is over! Maybe that will be me!

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