a big day for marissa

She made an impression the first time I met her at Quinn’s new job in Denver.

Little did I know I would join the society of grandmothers to Marissa Anderson.

In due time, a little sister, Cassidy.

I don’t know who adored who more!

They grew in the nurture and admonition of the Lord as part of a family that honors God with their lives.

Dusty and Quinn nurtured Marissa’s natural gifts: she’s outgoing, smart, affectionate, a leader, cheerful, athletic, thoughtful, industrious, musical, friendly (1,168 followers on Instagram), articulate, loyal, cute, funny. I hear you: You’re exaggerating; no one has that many attributes! Well, I’m not exaggerating. In fact I left out one: She’s loved by an equally wonderful man named Sean.

In fact, I can hear Dusty saying to Marissa what Mr. Bennet said to Lizzy in their final conversation in Pride & Prejudice: “I could not have parted with you, my Lizzy [Marissa], to anyone less worthy.”

Sean, no stranger in the Anderson family, asked to use their front yard as the proposal setting and Cassidy to be his set-up assistant. Quinn snagged this photo for archival purposes and because she was beside herself with anticipation. [Note: On the tree you can see a reflection in a back window that gives a hint to the mountain view they enjoy from their horsefree-ranch home.]

Issy Bear wasn’t about to miss out!

Marissa had been out with friends (possibly organized for surprise purposes), then came home to this! Sean asked a photographer friend to capture the moment.

She said YES, in case you didn’t assume that already.

Go ahead—you can say it. They are darling!

The post-proposal celebration ensued. The bride-to-be posted this on her Instagram. I see a whole lot of happiness going on here, and I add mine from afar.

If you’ve noticed the absence of Bailey and Sarah…earlier in the week they moved to Missouri! Bolivar, to be exact, the location of Southwest Baptist University, who quite suddenly offered Bailey a graduate assistant position as football coach. All the pieces fell into place, apartment lease, Sarah’s expiring job contract, Sarah’s new MO job, new home! Quinn drove the U-Haul and happily helped her kids move in, flew home in time for the proposal. The busy and enriching life of a mom!

“Let the wedding planning begin!”

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2 Responses to a big day for marissa

  1. S Craig MacDonald says:

    Love everything about this. It makes me smile.

  2. Pam MacDonald says:

    First of all, I love the way you tell this story! Next…they are such a cute couple! I’m excited for all of you. Thanks for sharing your family’s news!

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