we promised

Yesterday Mauri and I celebrated 26 years of marriage. We celebrated by exchanging cards, taking a drive to Benihana for lunch, walking across the parking lot to shop for shoes at Nordstrom Rack, and making a few more shop stops on the way home. We are so well matched that both agreed it was a perfect way to celebrate. Normality for the win!

Two other celebratory elements included (1) Mauri singing “I’m Gonna Love You” to me…

and me posting the above picture/message on Facebook. For all its faults, Facebook rewards us in priceless connections. Here are a few fun comments from precious friends—all but two were actually present at the wedding.

  • Pam MacDonald Oh yes we were!…such a great wedding! Happy anniversary!
  • Sue Walter Senzig Still reveling at the joy of two high school friends finding each other later in life. You both had my great admiration in high school and to see you end up together confirms my belief in God’s providence and loving provision.
  • Carol Mostert Bell Happy anniversary! I’m so glad you found each other again.
  • Gloria Van Andel We were there, and thankful we can see this happy picture still today!!
  • Bill Velting III Congrats you guys. Jan said we attended, but honestly. I don’t remember anything but the ice cream bar afterwards.🥰
  • Nancy Carter Seems like you were Just Mauried! Happy Anniversary❣️
  • Steven Lee Happy Anniversary!
  • Dawn DeVelasco Day Happy Anniversary!!!
  • Mona Shingledecker Miller Happy anniversary! 💕 oh what a beautiful day and then my surprise the next day
  • Carolyn Lemasters Wishing you a happy anniversary. Was it really 26 years ago?!!!!
  • Howard Macy Happy Anniversary!! I was glad to see it happen!
  • Nancy Jeltema Happy 26th!!!
  • David Schick Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Do you still remember the Real Estate Guide?
  • Jan Velting We were there!!💕
  • Craig Apel [who tied the knot] CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Anniversary!
  • Kayleen Bobbitt I remember well! Happy anniversary!
  • Shirley Walker Dear Sherry and Mauri, Happy Anniversary and sending lots of love!💕🙏🏻😘😘😷

Going on twenty-seven years was the length of my marriage with Paul; twenty for Mauri and Margaret-Rose. Anniversaries open opportunities to express gratitude for each other and for acknowledging God’s blessing to us in previous “lifelong” unions as Paul & Sherry Carlson and Mauri & Margaret-Rose Macy. Here are the promises made 26 years ago. Note one in particular….

Don’t ask me to evaluate how we’ve done in the 26 years since we promised. We both know we’ve failed in the minutia, but each day offers a fresh start, just like God offers us his mercies new every morning.

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2 Responses to we promised

  1. Pam MacDonald says:

    “new every morning”…such an important phrase to remember in life.

  2. Thanks for sharing these words again. During a wedding words and actions pass so quickly, it is a delight to read your words again today quietly at a table in the cool of the AC on a 100 plus degree afternoon.

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