It’s been more than 4.5 months since we entertained guests at 514. So it was a unique joy to welcome Gary and Judi at our front door. It would be a too-short visit, and we didn’t even offer coffee or a slice of cake. I forgot all my manners, talked too much, even dragged them upstairs to show off my recent redecorating efforts. The most pathetic part of this story is that they didn’t even come to see me! Mauri was the main attraction; he’s the one who would help them with a recording project.

Are you starting to feel sorry or embarrassed for me? No need. They really did want to see me too. We’ve been friends nearly 26 years and with Mauri much (much) longer. I always love to hear Judi’s stories from her close friendship with Margaret-Rose.

Here they are! That’s Judi on the left.

She is a gifted pianist, willing to test-drive one of Mauri’s “Four No More” series (simple, accessible, and creative arrangements using no more than four notes at a time). I sure wish I’d set the camera to video! It was lovely.

Maybe the funnest part of the visit was Judi reciting the Macy family dinner prayer from long ago. As soon as she started it, Mauri joined in as his memory refreshed.

As we said goodbye I realized just how hungry I was for “outside” human connection. And now I’ll need a refresher course in manners ASAP because, Lord willing, we’ll be hosting five visitors from Virginia starting on Thursday!

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2 Responses to guests

  1. Hananh Hoover says:

    So happy you’re having guests again. Thanks for the prayer…it’s been copied to use in my own home. Hugs to you!, hope to be one of your visitors soon.

  2. S Craig MacDonald says:

    LOVE the prayer. I’m going to memorize it for use the next time our family is together.

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