three quarters of a century

I recently had an inspired thought, an idea! So I said to Mauri:

“I have a significant birthday coming up in a few weeks and wondered if you’d like a hint of something you might do as a gift for me.”

Mauri and I are at the stage in life when we don’t need much, and when we do need something, we buy it. This works for us until Christmas or anniversaries or birthdays come around, and we resort to boxes of Good & Plenty or gift cards.

So I told him what he could give me for my 75th birthday. A playlist! A playlist of “You Are” worship songs that direct my praise upward, that affirm who God is, what he is. I would put my playlist on my phone so I can pray important words of worship while I walk 3 to 4 miles every day.

Well, he didn’t think twice; he would love to do that for me!

Thanks to COVIDtime, my live-in musician spent hour after hour in the studio until he had 17 (!) songs for me to add to the 61 songs fitting the criteria that I already had in iTunes.

For this three-quarter-century birthday, I wanted to change up our usual dinner-at-Benihana’s routine. A restaurant a few towns down the road was open for lunch diners and we love their food.

Our excellent server explained to Mauri exactly what was on his plate. I figure anyone brave enough to order pork belly lettuce wraps with Korean sauces would know. My delicious choice was more mainstream.

Mauri made the mistake of telling me this morning that he was taking the day off his eating plan (Noom), which has enabled him to reduce his weight more than 40 pounds! We’d already had coffee cake with our bacon/eggs breakfast, but I still accepted the birthday dessert she offered: brownie a la mode.

Next on the birthday agenda was a hike at the abbey. Too bad about the crummy day.

I suppose reaching my super-senior years has me imparting age-related meaning to sights like this.

We both did our share of huffing and puffing on the ups. But here Mauri stopped to give me a foretaste of the songs he had shared in a Dropbox for me. In case you’re wondering if a 73-year-old man can still make beautiful music, the answer is a definite YES!

Since the one he played is in the public domain, I can share it with you.

Stop for a selfie. No, I did not grow antlers.

I don’t usually get to watch him make my card. He had fun writing lots of 75s on it. Here was a chance for me to listen to all 17 songs—each one a gem, exactly what I wanted. How blessed am I? I don’t really think I can express how happy I am.

But right at the end of the last song I got a video of Quinn and Krista singing Happy Birthday to me from the Virgin Islands. And right after that Taylor and Beth sent a video of their three kiddos singing the same to their Gus (followed by a FaceTime call). And right after that Ben called me from Michigan. Earlier in the day brother John called for a long chat. And the multiple notes of well wishes from friends and family will have to wait until tomorrow because writing this post took precedence.

This marionberry pie has been in the freezer for months, just waiting for a special occasion. I guess this is it! Maybe the Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream was in the freezer for a purpose too. My perfect day ended with pie/ice cream and a movie—”Peanut Butter Falcon.”

So happy birthday to me! And tomorrow—the first day of my 76th year—I will choose from three 26-song playlists of worship music for my walk. I hope God will incline his ear.

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8 Responses to three quarters of a century

  1. Q says:

    This just made me smile and smile. ❤️

  2. Randee Anderson says:

    Loved your birthday post😘❣️🎂 Hugs, Randee Sent from my iPhone


  3. leanechaffee says:

    Oh I know it was your birthday wish Sherry, but if Mauri ever decides the playlist is appropriate for sharing, put me on the list! And congratulations on the 40 pound drop, Mauri! That’s a wonderful feat.

  4. Deborah Johansen says:

    It may have been YOUR birthday gift from Mauri but it was a huge gift to me as well as others. Thank you for posting it!

  5. Jen M. says:

    What a wonderful birthday gift for you, one that will keep on giving. Lovely rendition of the public domain song. (As a librarian, yay for paying attention to that. 🙂) Hey, even the bakery knows Mauri’s nickname for you! 😊 Glad you had a special day.

  6. Wes Weaver says:

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ,Sher from one who has already celebrated that #75 milestone! Thanks for all these little bits of this and that. And congrats to Mauri on trimming off 40 lbs. How about giving us a call or sending me your phone number, which I cannot find. We have some catching up to do! My number is (828)264-9316.

  7. Lisa Nauman says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate! Happy quarter century!

  8. Mildred Nill says:

    You don’t have to verbally say,”How happy you
    are,” it is written on your face.
    Hope your birthday was the best!

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