on my mind lately

It’s usually very easy to sit at my computer and tell a simple story with a few pictures and a few words. But life outside the comfortable walls of our home doesn’t lend itself to anything I can begin to write about. It’s all I can do these days to think about it! Discordant discourse on the news and social media drains my spirit, as it likely does yours, but it’s hard to avoid—even when I try.

I wrote my first post more than 14 years ago (!) and have oriented the subject matter of subsequent posts around family, travel adventures, and this/that. And here I am, six months from its finale, bereft of inspiration. Instead, what I have to offer right now is agitation, which is hard to photograph, hard to put into words, and completely unhelpful for either one of us were I to try.

But I miss connecting with you, sharing what my dad always called “larie farie” (a.k.a small talk). So I will venture out from under my rock to share some this and some that with you faithful readers. For efficiency, Quinn and I often communicate with “bullets,” so I’ll do a quick update using that shortcut:

• Since I mentioned the conclusion of this blog at the end of 2020, I want to forecast a new quarterly communication planned for 2021—> titled “Those Crazy Macys,” using Mail Chimp. More about that another time.

• I chose five, only five, of my #oneadaymay photos to share. They encapsulate a whole month of COVID-19 quarantine. Ready?

• Once the newly painted doors (with working knobs!) are rehung, I’ll post some pictures of the completed upstairs upgrade. It was a project long overdue and took a forced stay-home order from the governor to get ‘er done!

• Mauri uses his time writing arrangements for Newberg Brass, recording for fun, rehearsing to lead worship via video, and spending quality time with his instruments. They talk to him, you know, and one or another will let him know if it feels neglected. He also takes the dog on long walks every day, and today marked 61 days in a row of riding his bike as many as 6.75 miles.

• Darcy just celebrated her 11th birthday but still has a keen eye for squirrels.

• Not quite three years, granddaughter Avery surprised no one by breaking her first bone. The girl has no fear. Of course it happened three days before vacation at the beach. She’ll be sporting her purple cast…

• I’ve typed and deleted countless words. You know what they say about not saying anything at all if you can’t say something nice? Well, say, I’m going to heed that advice and publish this nondescript but reasonably nice post. See you next time!

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1 Response to on my mind lately

  1. leanechaffee says:

    Well that’s a dog gone shame! Somewhere I missed your plans for putting this blog to bed. I’ll miss it! You keep me tuned in with the family happenings in Newberg. I think I’ll pout for awhile.

    Love you!

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