guessing game

Instructions: scroll through the following pictures and try to figure out what each one has in common with the others. Ready?


Wow—you are very clever to figure out the guessing game.

Much more clever than I was when my clever children greeted me with their version of the blue and white flags and I DIDN’T GET IT!

Still, Quinn continued the tradition of celebrating birthdays this way for her children and husband. And how cute is Bailey showing you how old he was! So there wasn’t much doubt that he and his bride would need a set of flags in case they wanted to carry on the family tradition.

So I commissioned sweet cousin Hannah @sweetmamasews to make a set for Bailey and Sarah. Hannah’s twins do their part.

And here they are one year ago tonight at their rehearsal dinner down in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Tomorrow they celebrate their first anniversary. Maybe, just maybe, it will include a little blue and white.

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5 Responses to guessing game

  1. Ada Marcile Crandall says:

    Yes, l quickly caught the commonality of these pix, but how/why was this tradition started?

    • sherrymacy says:

      Paul had found those flags at a garage sale shortly before my dad visited us in Michigan on his 89th birthday in 1993. I still have the original set but made sure all three of my kids have their own.

  2. gmaalice says:

    Thanks, Marcile, for asking the question I had. Were blue and white favorite colors already, or was it just that those were the colors of the flags at the garage sale?

    • sherrymacy says:

      Alice, the garage sale flags started the tradition, though the colors also represented Grace Bible College, the denominational school in our small town of Wyoming, Michigan (near Grand Rapids).

  3. Hannah says:

    Makes me happy to have been included in such a lovely tradition. 🥰

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