more of the same

What better way to start a post about the nothing we’ve been doing for weeks now? Did that sound like complaint? I assure you it is not! We are of all people most blessed to have so few worries in a time of worldwide upheaval. Our biggest burden to suffer is disappointment over cancelled plans. We still have our creature comforts and best of all our health. Mother Nature didn’t get the pandemic memo and continues to display her wonders right outside our front door.

How good are your eyes? Can you spot my squirrel friend peering down at me?

Spacial limitations don’t keep us from enjoying our daily walks—Mauri’s with the dog, mine alone or with a friend at an appropriate distance.

I seem to get hooked on certain podcasts. Some favorites include The Briefing, The Andrew Klavan Show, Relatable, What Have You, and most recently Knowing Faith. I discovered Knowing Faith on Twitter through Jen Wilkin. A few days ago they invited me (and thousands of other listeners) to a live taping of two episodes. I couldn’t pass that up; seeing them completes the joy of their interactions and shared theological insights. Mauri listens to some of these podcasts and also Pray As You Go, Stuff You Should Know, and Everything Is Alive. We both have Bose soundwear “collars” that allow us live at peace together, him listening to jazz or bluegrass while I laugh along with Bekah and Rachel on What Have You.

I spent some time experimenting with different mask patterns, the kind you sew, but ended up preferring the simple foldable variety with a way to hold it in place without involving my ears. I have yet to wear it anywhere, but now that it is advised, I’ll mask up for my weekly grocery run next week.

Mauri led worship this morning but had actually recorded it two weeks ago. He’s been spending time in the studio during our quarantine. Here’s one of the songs he recorded.

Beth has not only kept their three littles alive and well and entertained while confined, she has somehow manages to photograph and video many of their stay-at-home activities. We see them through a shared Google Photos folder that gives us endless hours of viewing fun.

Check out Emery’s left-handed golf swing!

I joined the Bible Reading Challenge in mid-December, and it easily became a daily feast. Reading assignments are arranged for the 20,000 or so of us to read the entire Bible in nine months, allowing for a re-read of the New Testament during the summer months. Here’s how I learned about it! You can understand why I jumped right in.

I listen while I walk to the BRC assignments on the phone app. I’m surprised by how much more I absorb this way than from reading in on the page. I had to stop and chuckle one day right after the Dow started plummeting when I heard this (highlighted above)!

But we don’t worry. I told Quinn I can’t read the Bible and worry at the same time. God was in control of all things before the coronavirus caught the world’s attention and he’s no less in control of all things now!

So—what have you been up to?

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1 Response to more of the same

  1. Jen M. says:

    This: “I can’t read the Bible and worry at the same time.”

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