who is that masked (wo)man?

Mauri turned some shirts from his closet over to me to re-home. Normally that plaid one would head to consignment, the knit one cut up into squares for multiple purposes. But in these trend-setting times, I found a different use for them.

We aren’t masking up yet, but if the times necessitate, we are ready!

I tried several patterns but settled on THIS ONE. I adapted it slightly to satisfy a few sewing sensibilities, but then I didn’t match the plaids on that central spot at the ridge of my nose.

But the T-shirt lining is quite face friendly. A liability to wearing this mask is my phone’s inability to recognize me, so I’ll just hope I never need to wear it.

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1 Response to who is that masked (wo)man?

  1. Alice Maurer says:

    Friendsview has put out a list of items our Health Center is asking for as a safety net for back-ordered PPE shortages – one of which is Large – XXL men’s button up long sleeve shirts that could be used for gowns for the workers 🙂 Also cloth masks. So if Mauri gets tired of more shirts – here is a place to use them.

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