In no time at all we’ll look back on March 2020 as an interesting chapter in our history. We’ll tell stories of the unexplainable “interest” in stockpiling TP, the stock market plunge, country-wide cancellations, social distancing, travel bans, daily Presidential updates, and controversy over what to call a virus that originated in China.

Your stories will outshine any I might tell because we already had a healthy supply of TP and are happy as clams to stay right here in the comfort of our humble home, venturing out only for daily walks and the occasional drop-in at Nap’s for mushrooms or bread. Oh, there was that Sunday morning trip to Washington for Mauri to lead worship at one of the rare churches that held service. He didn’t know it was live-streamed until later, which allowed me (and you, if you want) to watch and listen.

Early on, before the strict stay-home guidelines were announced, Pete and John came over to help us plant five new roses in the memorial rose garden. Brother Howard came too to serve as adviser. Mauri’s interest in photography resurfaced recently, so he snapped some pictures.

Here’s a look at “before.”

Don’t worry—this garden is about to become full of the promise of spring!

Mauri’s shooting my “best” side. Ahem.

Work complete, John captures Team Macy for posterity!

This was about as close to work as we got during the quarantine (so far), other than our more-than-usual efforts at housecleaning.

Sometimes I walk with a friend but usually by myself in our neighborhood. I have my Bible reading assignment or a podcast playing on my sound collar, which almost caused me to miss seeing this big kite straddling the road.

The owner made his way over to attend to the problem (cars were already lining up) when suddenly it picked itself up (OK, likely a gust of wind helped) and became airborne once again.

Stuff like this doesn’t happen every day!

Before local restaurants closed their dining spaces, my friend Marianne suggested lunch at this authentic Italian restaurant, only a few blocks from home. The rain is rare for Oregon.

She ordered the octopus salad. Yep.

After treating her Gum and me to a coffee date after school, Brynn practiced for social distancing.

Extra time on my hands causes posts like this on social media. The caption: “Can you handle one more TP joke? This one from my own house! I didn’t realize when I found this use for a Christmas gift just how perfect it is! #coronahumor

I also posted this picture with: “It’s hard to feel doomy on a day like this.”

I should retitle this post “hodgepodge,” given its hodgepodgey contents. I’ll assume you have lots of time on your hands and don’t mind scrolling. This picture of the Carlson twins will make it worth your while. <smile> Beth sent it today to show me the difference in their heights. At birth, Emery (right) was teenie tiny, and the girls were designated “the little one” and “the big one” as a way to tell them apart. Well, that has all changed! Looks like Emmie takes after her statuesque mama.

I hope you are managing OK during these most unusual times.

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2 Responses to self-quarantined!

  1. Brenda S Jolliff says:

    Enjoyed the glimpse into your week, Sherry!

  2. Walter J Everly says:

    Thank you, especially for the opportunity to “worship” with Mauri again 🙂

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