order is the order of the day

It was my idea of a good time! After weeks of plotting, the plan came together in short order. The goal was to refurbish my home office.

I didn’t know just how predictable I am until I looked up my post about the last time I refurbished my office. I have no illusions anyone but I would be interested in clicking that link to see my office exactly nine years ago. I titled the post “order.” But just to show you how much a person’s idea of order can change in nine years…

And also her taste! This looks like a horror show to me now. I can count on one hand the pieces that remain: the wastebasket, the chair, the relief map, the clock, and the MARVELLA train.

Everyone should have so much fun. I might have taken “before” pictures were I not so eager to pack up all the *crap* that cluttered every flat surface.

Here’s an example of *crap* — a two-gallon bag of magnets that are absolutely useless to me now that I’ve moved out every metal surface.

But then—Mauri and I found remarkable success at the local Habitat ReStore and came home with a perfect high table ($25), a two-drawer oak filing cabinet ($30), and a small handmade 3-shelf table ($30) for Mauri. No one can accuse us of overspending! But then—

— a little more spending at IKEA!

We spent no small amount of muscle power to move these monstrous pieces of office furniture to the garage. It has served me well, way back to my Michigan days. Most of it went to the Habitat ReStore. But the library shelf, built by Mauri’s dad and inherited by me, would stay in the family.

John (Williams) didn’t blink an eye when I suggested we roll the shelf on a dolly down the street to his house. Turns out he once moved six blocks using two skateboards!

Fast forward one day, John texted this picture of his garage office/art studio with the treasured library shelf fully repurposed and at home there. Can you see the goofy grin on my face?

Back in real time, Mauri and I set out to assemble four (!) shelf units.

It was more fun than any two people oughta have. You think I’m kidding.

I’m not! Along with the fun, we think we should go into business. Hand out cards at the IKEA entrance.

And now the moment you’ve been scrolling for.

The oak filing cabinet, spray painted black, fits perfectly under the high desk.

A couple cans of gray matte spray paint transformed the small cabinet and chair.

From the back-stage view, all the uglies get craftily hidden behind a barrier.

Thanks for sharing my joy.

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5 Responses to order is the order of the day

  1. Jen M says:

    Looks great! I really like the colors — serene and modern (but not “cold” modern). I love this line: “And now the moment you’ve been scrolling for.”

  2. Alice M says:

    IKEA is a wonderful source! Dave & Jen gifted me with IKEA office furniture when I moved into the high-rise 15 months ago. You look so organized!!!

  3. Mylander Nancy Nordyke says:

    I love it!! Great job! Ikea and Habitat for the win. Enjoy your new space!

  4. Pam MacDonald says:

    It looks so good! It inspires me to put my sewing room (our 2nd tiny bedroom) in order. I love going into the Habit for Humanity Resale store! That’s where we bought our frig and stove. Great job!

  5. Ada Marcile Crandall says:

    Very nice make-over…but really, don’t you miss the lime green pillow just alittle?!!!

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