the work of his hands

A miracle worker came to our house this week to finish up a project he took on to improve the appearance and update the efficiency of our kitchen cabinets.

From this distance they don’t look so terrible.

But move in closer and see the effects of 25 years worth of hand and cooking residue. Yuck!

We called on Chris Breithaupt of Work of Our Hands Woodcraft to assess our situation.

This shows you why we want doors!

And this shows you what Chris had to do to his workshop for our project!

Here’s how he described it on his Instagram: “Atmosphere control for refinishing—temperature, humidity, dust—hard to do in my barn woodshop, but possible. Now to clean, carefully sand/degloss, dry, and three coats of lacquer. Then on to the same for the cases.”

This one illustrates the name of his business—work of his hands.

There they are, our cabinet doors, in his workshop!

Chris preps to work on “the cases.”

Mauri and I hung out in other parts of the house while Chris quietly went about his work. I just happened in at just the right time to snap this.

And before we knew it, our kitchen looked like this! Chris added knobs on the doors and handles on the drawers, and we expect this addition will give us way more than 25 years of use out of these updated cabinets!

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2 Responses to the work of his hands

  1. Jen M. says:

    The cabinets look great!

  2. Marianne Voight says:

    Very nice!

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