heading back toward normal

While Mauri wraps up his four weeks at Sabbath by the Sea—with weekend jaunts to Newberg for a few hours with his wife (that would be me)—I’m wrapping up my four weeks of solo life. No, it was only three “alone” weeks, because I was in Virginia for the first and clearly not alone! While he was leading worship in the small-group gatherings and enjoying time at the Oregon Coast, I was working intently on a several projects, not the least of which involved the dog.

Did I ever think our dog would wear my clothes? Well, actually that thought never entered my mind until I grew desperate for a way to prevent her from opening up the incision on her back leg—AGAIN!

Outsmarting the smart dog who outsmarted the $28 cone from Wilco called for some serious innovation. [I credit my new virtual friend Rachel Jankovic for sharing the brilliant idea on her podcast What Have You, Episode 87. If I’d remembered it earlier we could have saved ourselves $28 and a lot of grief.]

So today, instead of watching Sage play basketball and Oscar sing in his honors choir performance, I’m on 24-hour dog watch to make sure she doesn’t need a third trip to the vet hospital.

I’m a little concerned about the area in which she is stretching my sweater. But at least she’s leaving her incision alone.

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2 Responses to heading back toward normal

  1. S Craig MacDonald says:

    Baby goats in onesies topped by a post-op dog in a sweater. You win.

  2. Nancy says:

    You are one innovative and smart woman!

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