my friend vic

My lifelong friend Vic Graham died yesterday, and my first thought on waking this morning was of Vic in heaven, safely home. Less than a week ago he was bounding up the stairs of his son’s home, heading for three-generation Bible study and prayer for another son facing quadruple bypass surgery. But he fell and broke his neck and was paralyzed shoulders down, unable to breathe on his own. Just like that!

It’s so sad. Being aware we all live on the edge, that anything can happen at any time, doesn’t insulate us from the shock from news like this. Flashbacks to once frequent, now rare, connections to Vic and Romelle came flooding in.

I love this shot of Vic sitting in the back of Wheaton Bible Church. His daughter, Becky, was flower girl in my 1966 wedding with Paul; Romelle was my wedding overseer. So Vic had little else to do but wait and observe from this vantage.

As a loose “matchup,” I have this pic of Vic taken in 2010 during a short visit to his home in Wheaton. A more pleasant man you will never meet!

Mauri and I both have “Vic” stories that range throughout the 1960s. We hold them ever more precious now. Rest in peace and joy, dear friend. You will be sorely missed around here.

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5 Responses to my friend vic

  1. Brenda S Jolliff says:

    So sorry for your loss, Sherry. How wonderful that he could be part of your life journey.

  2. David Sanders says:

    Thanks for posting these pictures Sherry. Especially the younger one of him on church. Vic and Romelle had a profound interest in my life. Vic motivated me to a life of Christian service.

  3. pam macdonald says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Sherry. It’s wonderful to have such great memories of him. I’m thankful you can have peace from knowing he is with his heavenly Father.

  4. Ken Wolgemuth says:

    I love your tribute to Vic, and I love these pics, Sherry. I loved Vic too. He was very important to me beginning with when he was my Campus Life club director.

  5. Wes Weaver says:

    Hi Sher, So sorry to hear about your friend, Vic. I don’t recall meeting him in Wheaton in 1964, but I sure would like to have done so.
    PS The next time you are as close as Virginia, please come see us. No “reintroduction” required!!!

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