match madness

I was a little slow in catching on to what Leo was saying to the group of mothers and babies gathered at the Missions Ministries team center. Oh that I had studied harder in high school Spanish class! But here is part of the word they were saying to you (and all other donors to the work of Babies of Juarez).


It was overwhelming to actually witness (for the first time) the distribution process of the diapers and formula gathered or purchased from Babies of Juarez donations. So let me step back and illustrate what led up to it.

OK, so it might seem a little odd to start with an empty trailer, but there’s no way to show the many interior and garage spaces at the Anderson home that fill with donated and purchased diapers and formula between their trips across the Mexican border.

Here the faithful loading crew—plus Dusty, the presumed photographer—poses for my sake, since at this point Mauri and I were settled in our El Paso motel room.

Sage and Brynn are now old enough to ask why we add this “staging” step to the process of unloading the trailers. Quinn has answered the same question for the past 13 years: “We do it for the donors!”

Once the official photo is taken, we take everything back to the building dedicated to supplies.

Here the boxes are opened and shelved according to diaper size or formula type.

Every two weeks mothers and their babies line up at the entrance where Leonel checks his spreadsheet to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Supplies are pulled from storage.

Leonel’s spreadsheet recognizes names of all the mamas and babies and any specifics relating to their needs.

We mostly watched from the sidelines but stepped in where we saw a place to help.

Everything is laid out by diaper size. While this is accomplished, Pastor Martin shares the gospel with the waiting mothers.

Distribution was Susy’s “operation” until Leonel took over, but she remains fully interested and involved. (The soy formula pyramid was Sage’s design, eventually moved to the shelves.)

Once everything is in place, the moms line up according to diaper size. Here’s when they say gracias, knowing only that God through some generous Americans provided this help for them.

Leonel, himself a young daddy, lets his care show as he gives each mama her portion.

This chubby-cheeked boy is the image I hope you’ll keep in your heart as you receive our appreciation for your part in our matching-gift campaigns (Dorothy’s and Legacy). Please remember, our donations (and the volunteer efforts of many) are responsible for reducing the infant mortality rate in this area of Mexico from 25% to zero!

Speaking of chubby cheeks…

In 2016, Quinn named precious baby Amy the “poster child” for Babies of Juarez after learning she and all her siblings were raised on supplies provided through donations.

And just a few days ago, I got to meet this same girl who came to our food outreach with her mom and siblings.

Here she is, the bright-eyed and beautiful poster child — and so very healthy!

Cassidy was so happy to see everyone again!

On that happy note let me say a BIG thank you to those who participated in our “match madness” this year. All told, we gave $4,286, every penny of which went or will go toward the purchase of diapers and formula. Just in case you didn’t get around to donating, there’s still $3,221 waiting to be matched. Go to the “get involved” page on the Babies of Juarez website and be included in this good work. Be sure to designate your gift “Match Madness” so it can be doubled.

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  1. Randee Anderson says:

    Oh Sherry, how this warms my heart! Thank you! Love and hugs, Randee Sent from my iPhone


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