advent calendar

I was the first “customer” to arrive this morning at the advent calendar-making event sponsored by my church and hosted by the Breithaupt family who live and work up on beautiful Chehalem Mountain. You can see the preparations for a fire and the oldest of five children who roam this wonderful property on a daily basis.

Inside the shop their dad, hidden behind the far pole, hangs more lights for the benefit of us woodworkers.

Here’s a better look at Chris Breithaupt, professional woodcrafter who loves to share this space as a means to build community. Since I’m the only one there, I got individual instruction for the task at hand.

Ooooooh! You pictured the kind of calendar we hang on our walls and are wondering what on earth we’re doing!

Well, it starts here. Tracing—a skill I started to develop as a six-year-old cutting out paperdolls! Little did I know I’d one day trace a stencil on wood that I’d cut out with …

… a scroll saw!

I was a rookie when I started and a rookie when I finished. But I did get a little better at turning corners with each piece.

Drilling the holes was a snap!

By this time others had joined the saw party.

Father/son work together.

I’m not the only one taking pictures!

Theresa is the mom of the afore-mentioned five children, the newest one still too teeny tiny to roam (as mentioned above).

And the baby’s older brother.

Some pictures need no caption or explanation; they tell a story all their own.

This could win a contest, though. Pretty cute, eh?

Here’s the grand sum of my morning’s efforts. I was provided a nifty box, some straw, a candle, and a brass holder that fits the drilled holes. The latter is spendy, so I’ll be ordering the rest on my own nickel.

Doesn’t look much like a calendar, you say? I promise we’ll get to that. But first…

… the original scene PLUS lots of children and mommies!

Kids who do what kids do when presented with a pile of fallen leaves!

Sometimes I wouldn’t mind being that six-year-old again.

Once home, I set up the advent calendar. I decided not to blur it in order to disguise my flawed cutting. Who knows if I’ll ever have another opportunity to use a scroll saw, but for this one project I feel accomplished!

My favorite piece was hidden in the other picture, so indulge my pride just this once (though I can see I need to do a little more sanding).

Here’s the example we were shown in advance. And the sound you hear is me swallowing my pride.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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2 Responses to advent calendar

  1. Jen M. says:

    What a wonderful project and a fun post. Why sand the donkey’s fur away? 😉

  2. S Craig MacDonald says:

    I’m jealous. Of everything – the experience, the fellowship, the completed project…

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