anniversary photoshoot

For fun, Mauri and I scheduled a photoshoot with our professional-photographer Macys, John and Erin, to commemorate twenty-five years of marriage. The designated day was cold and windy, but the sun setting on the autumn leaves provided a perfect backdrop for our “shoot” at Champoeg State Park.

Mauri carried his guitar for part of it so we could recreate a shot from our wedding rehearsal picnic, an especially bright highlight from our life together.

Here we are at Pinery Park in Wyoming, Michigan. (In 2013, I visited this location and remembered stories from that day in 1994.)

But this is the photo we came closest to recreating.

Yep, lots of changes in 25 years! Except for the old faithful Martin guitar.

And since we were right there at Champoeg, where we took (with a timer) this picture for our second recording, “Everybody Has a Song,” we thought we’d do another recreation.

This was my #1 choice of all the pics.

Want to see some of the others? OK, if you insist.

this one’s for the Carlson side of the family

Of course we need a shot with our cracker-jack photographer John (Erin edits).

Yahoo, PhotoMacy! You do great work!

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2 Responses to anniversary photoshoot

  1. Phyllis McKinney says:

    Hooray! I love it.

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2019, 10:06 AM a little bit of this and a little bit of th

  2. Ridgely says:

    WOW,look at all that long curly hair! Great shots, John! Happy anniversary, can’t believe it’s been 25 years!

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